BaseLang’s 90 Day


Reach your Spanish goals in just three months of focus. Sprinters get accountability and a community of fellow learners.

New cohorts start on the 1st of every month.

Weekly Accountability

Your Sprint Leader will check in with you every week with a summary of your progress and help keep you on track. You pick your goal, we help you stick to it.

Student Community

Each Sprint has a private community, just for your cohort. Talk to other students and keep each other motivated. Your Sprint Leader will be in the group to answer questions too.

Instant Teacher Chat 

Have a quick question that isn’t enough for a full class? Ask a teacher on Instant Teacher Chat, a brand-new feature only available to Sprinters, via Whatsapp (weekdays, 9-5 EST).

Enrollment for the March Sprint closes in:


You missed out!

“BaseLang’s unlimited tutoring is the closest thing to immersion you can get without moving to a Spanish-speaking country”

Sprints are $499 for three months of unlimited private classes, paid on enrollment.

That’s a 7% discount vs. normal Real World!

  • Weekly accountability with your Sprint Leader to keep you motivated
  • Private community with other students in your cohort
  • Instant Teacher Chat for small questions (a brand-new feature)
  • Book classes last minute with on-demand scheduling
  • Pick from over 450 teachers from all over Latin America
  • Curriculum optimized to get you from absolute beginner to conversational
  • Free access to our DELE program, ideal for advanced students

⏰   Enrollment for the March Sprint closes in

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You missed out!

Let’s Commit. Todos juntos.

Reach your Spanish goals in just three months. Everything students love about BaseLang, plus accountability and community to give you an extra boost.

Kim, USA

I love the fact that I can book a lesson at the last minute if I feel like I want to have a lesson. With other platforms, I had to book lessons a week in advance, and sometimes things come up at the last minute and I have to cancel. With BaseLang, there is no penalty for canceling if I need to.

Iona, UK

Each teacher I took lessons with (and I tried dozens!) had their own strengths and vibrant personalities. Although all the teachers were fantastic there were two I didn’t feel as much of a connection with. But the beauty of BaseLang is that with over 400 teachers available, you can simply choose someone else next time.

Brian, USA

My excuse has always been that I didn’t have enough time, but with BaseLang I could decide my own schedule. I have so much more confidence now that I can talk to anyone in Spanish. Do I know every Spanish word? Of course not. But, I do know that I can navigate my way through any conversation and I can express just about any idea I have.

Jessica, USA

My biggest struggle with Spanish was having conversations. With BaseLang, I went from a shy, hesitant speaker, to a pretty fluent conversationalist on all kinds of topics and within six months I became able to carry on a conversation with native Spanish speakers. I even got a promotion!

Christopher, USA

When I signed up for Real World and I settled into my new routine of having daily classes, I quickly gained the confidence to speak Spanish in front of other people and I began to understand native speakers better. Now, I can start a conversation in Spanish with a complete stranger.

Jack, USA

The feeling of carrying a natural conversation about an extremely interesting topic for 2 hours straight with my favorite teachers is incomparable. Simply from the point of view that BaseLang is extremely enjoyable and learning Spanish is so fulfilling, it’s enough to raise my quality of life and say that BaseLang has changed me.



What is the difference between the Sprint and Real World?

Both options are very similar. 

Sprint is essentially the Real World program, but you get assigned a coach which we call the "Sprint Leader" who will do a weekly check in with you, and keep you accountable to your goals. With Sprint, you also get access to an exclusive community of fellow sprinters, plus on demand teacher chat via Whatsapp. 

Unlike Real World which is a monthly subscription, the Sprint Program is a one-time payment of  $499 and comes with 3 months of unlimited Real World classes. That’s a 7% discount compared to our standard Real World program, providing more value for sprinters.


How is student progress monitored and encouraged?

Each student is assigned a Sprint Leader for weekly accountability sessions, helping to keep you motivated and on track. We also ask you to complete review form at the end of each week, which your Sprint leader will review and provide feedback on. 

In addition to this, you'll also be part of a private community with other students in your cohort, where you can take part in group discussions, ask your Sprint leader questions etc.


Is the program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. The curriculum is optimized for every level, whether you are an absolute beginner, or somebody more advanced who is simply looking for accountability. 


How many hours do I need to do? 

Setting your goals is very personal, and so we advise you to pick a goal that is realistic, but also challenging at the same time. When you enroll in the program, we'll ask you to set your hourly target for classes per week. Your sprint leader will keep you accountable to this goal. 


What is the refund policy if I am not satisfied with the program?

This program has a 14-day refund policy for new* customers. If you’re not happy with the program within the first 14 days of the sprint start date, drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll issue you with a full refund.

*refund policy does not apply who customers who previously had a BaseLang subscription.


I'm a current student - how can I upgrade to Sprint? 

If you're a current student, simply log into the platform and head over to the billing section where you can find an option to change your plan to Sprint.

You can read a step-by-step guide about how to change your plan to Sprint here.