How does Memrise / vocab training work?

We use and its mobile app to help you train your vocabulary.

Memrise is an “SRS” flashcard system (spaced repetition system). This means that flashcards only come up when you are about to forget them. Get something right the first time, you’ll see it again in 10 minutes. Then 1 day, 4 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, and so on. Get it wrong and it’s right back to the beginning. This is a scientifically-proven way to learn vocabulary very efficiently.

At BaseLang, we use Memrise to put vocabulary into our memory so that we can remember it when we need it in a conversation. The first couple of times you recall a word in conversation, it may take a few moments to remember it. But the more you use the word, the smoother it will come out until the word is as solidified in your memory as English words – meaning it will just roll off your tongue in conversations. That’s the power of flashcards + real conversations!

We cover how to get access to the BaseLang flashcards and how to use it with BaseLang in the Resources To Use lesson inside Level 0.


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