“Now I’m making plans to move to Latin America” #BaseLangStories

Adam with his BaseLang teacher Johanna

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Adam started brushing up on his high school Spanish before a trip to Mexico. With regular lessons in BaseLang’s Real World program, he soon realized that becoming fluent one day could be possible. Now he’s planning on moving to Latin America! Let’s hear his story.

BaseLangStories series puts the spotlight on BaseLang students – asking them about their motivations for learning a foreign language, what impact learning Spanish has had on their lives, advice they have for fellow students, and more.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

Adam Weinberger. Washington DC.

2. Why did you want to learn Spanish?

Initially, I was planning on going to Mexico in a few months so I wanted to brush up on my Spanish. However, about a week into my lessons I broke my arm and was on medical leave. So my Spanish lessons became more than a simple review. It became my main focus and activity throughout the day.

I started wanting to get better in Spanish just for the sake of learning another language and meeting new people. It also really helped with the mental side of my recovery, because every day I had a purpose, and I was excited to see my favorite teachers again.

3. In the past, what did you use to learn Spanish?

I first learned Spanish like most Americans, in school. I took it for six years in middle school and high school and reached an intermediate level, but my speaking was weak. However 10 years later I definitely lost a lot, and was more like a high beginner. When I started taking classes online a few months ago I tried a few different websites where you pay hourly for a tutor.

4. Before BaseLang, which part of learning Spanish did you struggle with the most?

The first thing I struggled with was grammar. I had a lot of trouble re-ordering the words so that they would be grammatically correct in Spanish. I also struggled with conversation, but I didn’t even realize to what extent until I started doing BaseLang, specifically the Real World program, where conversation is the main emphasis.

5. What obstacle would have prevented you from signing up for BaseLang before?

Having the time and the motivation. With an unlimited platform like BaseLang the more you put in the more you get out. And previously I’m not sure I had as much time and as much motivation as I did over the last few months.

6. What did you find as a result of signing up?

I was extremely impressed by the in-depth materials in the program. I had done Spanish lessons online before so I knew what to expect from the classes, but the size of the curriculum and incredible number of electives was and still is truly astonishing. I think the organization of the curriculum is crucial in ensuring that students make progress in their Spanish learning journey.

7. What specific feature did you like the most about the Real World program?

I really like the ability to have favorite teachers and take classes with them many times a week. I think the relationship between the student and the teacher is really important for feeling comfortable talking in and learning a new language. It’s also really nice for the teacher to see the student’s progress.

Adam and friends at Mexico's Azteca Stadium

Taking in the match at Mexico City’s fabled Azteca Stadium

8. How has learning Spanish impacted your life?

I never thought learning Spanish would impact my life that much, but it has actually changed a lot. Only the last few months have I decided that becoming fluent in Spanish is a lifelong goal of mine. I also am now making plans to move to Latin America next year!

9. Would you recommend this course, if so, why?

100%. I’ve already recommended it to many friends. The ability to take hours of classes consistently every day is absolutely essential for improving your Spanish. In addition, the in-depth and structured curriculum make sure that there is a plan in place to facilitate your development.

10. Complete the following sentence “After my first month of BaseLang, I realized that…..”

I might be able to be fluent in Spanish one day.

11. Anything else to add?



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