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Real World Reviews

Baselang Review – Super Great Program If You Can Carve Out Enough Time to Learn Spanish – All Language Resources
Nicholas from language blog “All Language Resources” compiled an in-depth review of our Real World program, showcasing everything from scheduling a class, to selecting a teacher, the curriculum we use, and more.

An honest review of BaseLang – SpanishandGo
An in-depth review from a student selected by SpanishandGO who took 1 month of Real World classes. This review covers the curriculum, the teachers, and just about everything you need to know to decide if the Real World program is for you.

Is BaseLang worth it? – Multilingual Mastery
One of the newest reviews we were able to find from language blogger Multilingual Mastery

Extended Review By LingApp
This review goes deep on everything BaseLang, from the available programs to the platform, and whether BaseLang is right for you.

The Big Baselang Review – An Undercover Report Of The Spanish Tutoring Service – I Will Teach You a Language
Since Olly from I Will Teach You a Language already speaks Spanish, he selected two readers – one a complete beginner and another intermediate – and anonymously set them up with BaseLang accounts for a month. This long review covers everything they experienced – from the initial impressions to teacher quality to results to our platform and curriculum. This is the most in-depth and raw review out there.

Baselang Review: Unlimited (and Affordable!) Spanish Classes – Actual Fluency
In-depth review (including video recordings of several classes) by Kris Broholm at Actual Fluency, one of the most popular language-learning blogs on the internet. He signed up and used BaseLang like a normal student to be able to do an honest, thorough review. He also does a good job at comparing BaseLang to other options out there.

3 Best Sites for Online Spanish Classes – Spanish Hackers
BaseLang compared to two other options you may be considering, italki and verbling, by a student who was with us for several months.

A Look at the Real World Program – From
“Baselang is, arguably, the best option on the market for anybody looking to develop their Spanish to a conversational level as quickly as possible. Baselang is unlike any other online Spanish course, product or immersion program we have come across before.”

Baselang Review: A Look at Baselang’s Cost, Curriculum, and Teachers – From
A comprehensive review from language blog Langoly, which reviews everything from classes, teachers, our curriculum, and more.

A Review of Baselang | Unlimited Online Spanish Language Learning – Eurolinguiste
Popular language blogger and admitted shy person Shannon spent a month with us at BaseLang, and this was her experience.

“Halfway through my first month and my progress is incredible” – BaseLang Review
A review from a student who, after 8 years of studying Spanish through various methods, stumbled on BaseLang and made incredible progress.

Zooming into Spanish lessons with – HotExpatMummy
Review from a student who, at the time of writing the review, had spent 6 weeks with us. She was worried about the whole virtual class thing, but ended up loving it!

BaseLang Review – How I learned Spanish from my living Room?
Review from a student who was stuck at home while recovering from surgery, and needed a cost-effective way to study Spanish intensively during his free time. He used BaseLang for 6hrs/day and recently sat DELE’s C1 exam.

BaseLang Review: Why I left and decided to come back
A different perspective from a student who used BaseLang, learned a ton of Spanish and then decided to cancel his subscription.

BaseLang — the solution to all your Spanish problems?
A lengthy review from a student who had previously been studying Spanish, and stumbled on BaseLang as a way to build her confidence in speaking Spanish

BaseLang Review: Best Way to Learn Spanish or Scam Service?
And in-depth review of BaseLang from a student who was with us for a few months. It’s written for the “bro” traveler, but that’s his audience, and all the information is accurate.

Unlimited Spanish Tutoring… Talk About An Immersive Experience (An honest review of Baselang)
A review from a student who has tried many different methods to learn Spanish, and then came across BaseLang. This review was written after the student completed 2 months of BaseLang classes.

Baselang Review: Is it Worth the Money?
Not as in-depth, but rather a review of the pros and cons of BaseLang as seen by the author.

Baselang Review from an English teacher, living and working in Madrid.
A review from a BaseLang student who is an English teacher and struggled to speak Spanish, despite living in a Spanish speaking country for many years.

Passing the DELE B1 — BaseLang Review
After years of trying and failing to learn how to speak Spanish, Cila turned stumbled on BaseLang’s DELE program.

Review: BaseLang is an all you can eat buffet of Spanish language learning
A comprehensive review from a BaseLang student who covers everything from price, teachers, quality of lessons and more

BaseLang Review – From Pillar to Posts
This is a fairly deep review from a student who was with us for only two weeks, yet reached a lower intermediate level in that time! It’s also one of the most recent on the list, being published at the beginning of November 2017.

BaseLang Review – Total Spanish Immersion From Your Computer
A review from a student who describes her experience using BaseLang for more than year – including what she feels are the pros and cons of the platform.

Learning Spanish While Programming in Colombia — My BaseLang Review
A review from a student who temporarily moved to Colombia after initially using BaseLang for only 1 week.

Zero to intermediate Spanish in less than 2 months before Mexico: Incredible progress with BaseLang – Keeping My Head Up High
In-depth review from a student who used BaseLang for a month and got to a conversational level before her trip to Mexico.

Travelers Mindset – How I Learned Real Spanish Online
Former student of ours, Ginger Kern, writes about her experience with BaseLang and with learning a language online in general. Check out the video farther down.

Language Learning Library – BaseLang
This isn’t a single review, but rather a third-party review site where you can submit your own review. As of writing, there are six reviews there.

Since anyone can submit a review, you may be wary that we wrote these ourselves. We promise that’s not the case – we didn’t write any of them. Two reasons for that: (1) we’re not out to trick people into signing up, and we’d rather focus on making the service as good as possible to get real good reviews than write fake ones, and (2) if we did fake these reviews, and we actually sucked, you’d see that in other reviews that we didn’t write – which isn’t the case. We don’t have to fake good reviews (because we get them for real). You can trust the reviews on this site were not written by us.

Learn the Words – BaseLang
An in-depth review of one of our student’s experiences in their first week of classes. A bit old at this point.

Baselang Spanish Review – Get Unlimited Spanish Lessons Without Any Risk! – Languages Are Easy
A review on the blog Languages Are Easy. Covers most points.

How to Learn Spanish – a One-Stop Guide for Every Stage of the Journey – All Language Resources
A thorough guide on learning Spanish, detailing strategies, methods, and resources suitable for learners at different proficiency levels (including BaseLang)

Forbes – This 20-Year-Old Teaches Us How To Learn Anything In A Month
BaseLang talked about briefly in a Forbes profile of one of our founders. Review on page two of the article.

FounderFM – How Connor Grooms Built the Flat-Fee Spanish Language Service BaseLang
This isn’t really a review, but a business podcast one of our founders was on. If you want to hear how we think about business, the story behind BaseLang, and hear how genuinely committed we are to our students (which you’ll see in how we approach things), then give this a listen.

Bootcamp Reviews (formerly Grammarless)

BaseLang Review: The Bootcamp Program (video included) –
Laura from offers an in-depth review of Bootcamp Online, which she completed over 8 weeks alongside her boyfriend who was also studying Spanish. Laura details her progress on a week to week basis, and concludes by giving us her pros and cons of the program.

Review: How BaseLang’s 80hr Bootcamp Program Will Transform Your Spanish
Former BaseLang student Aaron writes about his failed attempts to learn Spanish over the last few years, and how the Bootcamp program completely “transformed” his Spanish.

Conversational in Spanish without Grammar? — BaseLang Bootcamp Review
An in-depth review from Tyler, one of our first -Bootcamp Online students, who explains how working with the same dedicated teacher for one month completely transformed his Spanish.

“Those four weeks were the best investment of my time, my money and my commitment” – Tom’s BaseLang Story
An interview with former Bootcamp Medellin student Tom about his time studying at our Medellin Spanish school how his Spanish progressed, living in Colombia for 1 month, and any advice he has for anyone thinking of doing the same.

“You will not regret this decision!” – Lauren’s BaseLang Story
An interview Lauren, a former Bootcamp Medellin student who moved to Colombia for one month, along with her husband and daughter, in order to study Spanish. We talked to Lauren about living in Medellin, and how her Spanish has improved since taking the Bootcamp program.

Now I’m talking – BaseLang Bootcamp Review
A student review from Pius, who lives in Panama, and after years of trying to learn Spanish, still couldn’t hold a conversation – until she found the Bootcamp program.



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