Real World vs Bootcamp: Which Program Is Right For You?

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So you want to sign up to BaseLang, but you aren’t sure about the difference between our Bootcamp and Real World programs?

In this post, we are going to explain, side by side, how each program is different based on several factors.

Learning Method

The most significant difference between both programs is the learning method.

Bootcamp uses a completely different method that flips the entire process on its head. Instead of starting with the concept and examples, we start with practice. Each class, you go straight to *using* the new concept – without even having to understand it. By using it over and over, guided by your teacher, you “get” how it works, so you can use it, and can understand when people use it with you. All without any grammar explanations.

We like to say that you used this method before when you learned your first language a baby.  No rules were explained to you. However, as a baby, the input is random and unorganized, so it takes a long time – several years – for you to understand the patterns of the language.

With the Bootcamp program, you’re learning the same patterns – but in a structured way, so you learn in weeks, not years.

Real World uses an optimized form of the standard model – learn a concept, see examples, and then practice it. However, unlike outdated traditional language schools, we put the most important and used things first so that you’re not stuck studying one tense for months when you need all of them. Through unlimited classes, you get the volume of conversation practice necessary for things to stick.


Bootcamp is the Ferrari of Spanish learning programs. Measuring by total hours spent, you would become conversational roughly four times as fast with this program then with any other (even 2x faster than our own Real World program). This speed can’t be replicated by any other program, as it requires a certain level of intensity, a dedicated teacher and our Bootcamp learning method.

Real World decreases the number of things you need to learn by removing the unnecessary things you’d find in most transitional language programs. Combine this with great teachers and a heavy focus on speaking, and you have a very fast program. If you put the hours in, you’ll be conversational in no time.


Bootcamp students are guaranteed to be conversational by the end of the program. No other program can offer this.

Real World has a different guarantee. For online, if you’re not happy after your first 35 days, then let us know and we’ll refund you your entire payment – plus give you $20 extra for wasting your time. For Real World Medellin students, we’ll refund you if you’re not happy in the first 3 days of your month-long subscription.


Bootcamp uses a curriculum created in line with the program’s unique learning method. Since we are guaranteeing results, you need to follow our exact curriculum. However, there is flexibility and open time built into the program, mostly in the last two weeks, to keep things flexible.

Real World also has its own curriculum that you can follow, but ultimately, you are in control. You can use your class time as you’d like – do one of our lessons, bring your own materials, just talk or do anything else (within reason). In addition to our Real World curriculum, which goes from level 0 to 9 and is focused on learning for the real world. You also have access to hundreds of lessons of “electives”, which help you learn vocab for all your interests – like food & beverage, politics, business, travel, and medicine.

Level of Spanish

Bootcamp is a rocket ship for you to go from zero/beginner Spanish to conversational – having a full 30+ minute conversation confidently. If you’re already intermediate, or almost there, this is not the program for you.

Real World is suitable for all levels, whether you studied in high school, took classes somewhere else or have zero experience  at all speaking Spanish. This program caters to all levels, including students starting from zero. It also doesn’t stop at conversational – you can use Real World to get to the most advanced levels in Spanish.


Bootcamp is an 80-hour program. You can choose the intensive option and do it for fours hours a day (and complete it in a month) or a semi-intensive for two hours a day (and do it in two months). You always have class at the same times, and with the same teacher. You get to pick the hours. This is best if you prefer to use a fixed, regular schedule.

Real World is self-paced, meaning you can decide how many hours per day/week/month you want to do, and book classes according to a schedule that suits you. You can book classes at the last-minute (literally – if it’s 7:29, you can book a class for 7:30), or as early as 5 days in advance. Each slot is 30-minutes, and for longer classes, simply book consecutive slots (e.g. 4 slots = a  2hr class). This is best if you like the flexibility of creating your own schedule, or even taking classes on the fly whenever suits.


Bootcamp students work one-on-one with a dedicated teacher for the entire program. This ensures the teacher knows exactly where you are, your interests, and is vital for Bootcamp’ unique method to work. Once you reach a certain point in the program, your dedicated teacher will encourage you to take additional conversation classes with online teachers (which is included), though it’s not required.

Real World students can choose to work with as many teachers as they want, or stick to the one teacher (however, with RW, it’s not guaranteed that you can always have the same teacher – another student may book them first). We keep an internal progress sheet on each student so that students can easily change teachers, and still pick up where they left off in the last class.


Bootcamp has fixed hours with your dedicated Bootcamp teacher. However, you receive unlimited access to the online Real World teachers for additional conversational practice, outside of your scheduled Bootcamp classes.

Real World offers unlimited classes. No fine print. You can think about it as similar to a monthly gym membership. Once you have a subscription, you can use it every day (multiple times if you want), three times a week, once a week or once a month – you still pay the same flat fee per month.

(Medellin students can choose either “Medellin Real World” for unlimited in-person and online classes, or “Medellin Real World Lite” for up to 2hrs of in-person classes per day, and unlimited online classes).


Find out more information about Bootcamp online here, and Real World online here.

Or if you’re planning to take classes in Colombia, read about Bootcamp Medellin here, and Real World Medellin here.


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