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At BaseLang we know that using flashcards is one of the most effective and efficient ways to learn new vocabulary. That’s why we’ve created our own Spanish flashcards that students can use as they go through each level of our curriculum.

The idea is simple:

1. Study a lesson in class with a teacher

2. In that lesson, you see a bunch of vocabulary and grammar that’s new to you

3. After the class, use the flashcards for that lesson to review and reinforce the new words you covered

This is a tried and tested method for quickly memorizing vocabulary.

If you’re curious about why this method works, check out our post on how to learn Spanish vocab fast.

Introducing Brainscape

We did a ton of research about which platform to use for creating our online flashcard course, and the clear winner was Brainscape. In addition to being available across all devices, Brainscape uses a unique confidence-based repetition system that makes sure you reach a 100% confidence level for each word before you stop seeing it.

What lessons are covered in the BaseLang flashcards?

Each flashcard deck corresponds to a specific level of the Real World curriculum. This means that you can download decks for every level of the curriculum, from 1 to 9, and for any of the electives and additional resources.

There’s no need to add every BaseLang deck at the same time. Instead, we recommend adding the flashcards one by one as you progress through the curriculum. That way you’ll focus on the flashcards that are relevant to you.

Likewise, once you’ve mastered specific levels or electives, you can easily remove those Spanish flashcards from your account.

How do I get started using the BaseLang flashcards?

1. Click here for a free Brainscape account. You can also download the free Brainscape app on iOS or Android.

2. When you log into Brainscape for the first time, it comes preloaded with three generic flashcard courses. If you’re not interested in them, we recommend just removing these flashcards by clicking the x option under “My Classes.”

Brainscape signup for free language flashcards

3. Next, add the BaseLang flashcards to your Brainscape account.

How do I add BaseLang flashcards to my Brainscape account?

There are two ways to load BaseLang’s Spanish flashcards into your Brainscape account. The first is from your student dashboard, and the second is from the links at the bottom of this post.

Either way, our free online flashcards are available for you to really reinforce the Spanish vocab you learn in your lessons.

For BaseLang students, start at the Lessons section of your student profile. Choose any lesson, and under Additional content, click the Flashcards link to open the flashcard deck for that level.

Alternatively, we’ve indexed BaseLang’s entire collection of free online flashcards at the bottom of this post.

Clicking the link brings you to Brainscape, where you click “Start Studying” to add this flashcard deck to your account. Remember, you only need to do this one time per level.

And that’s it – simple! Now you have another great tool to help you learn Spanish vocabulary fast!

If you have any questions about how the Spanish flashcards work, drop us a message on live chat, or email [email protected].

Join the BaseLang flashcard course

Here we offer you all of our flashcards online free. Remember, you don’t need to load them all into your Brainscape account at once! We recommend bookmarking this page to come back and load additional resources as you progress. Otherwise, just add the decks from your Real World profile.

Happy learning!

Real World Core Lessons Conversational and Situational Electives Theme-based Electives
Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Daily life situations


Life and the world

Places and trips

Pop culture


Social issues

Sports and activities




Biological sciences




Social sciences



Food and beverages

Human resources



Numerical sciences





Types of diet

Linguistic variables


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