Learning Spanish to Travel Latin America #BaseLangStories

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At BaseLang, we have helped thousands of students learn Spanish for a variety of reasons.

  • To travel Latin America or Spain
  • To live in a Spanish speaking country
  • To converse with Latino coworkers, friends, or family members
  • To date Spanish speakers
  • To increase career opportunities

The list goes on.

If you want to learn Spanish, then it’s likely that we have helped someone in a similar position to you become conversational in Spanish.

And so, we decided to create “BaseLang Stories”  to showcase some of the amazing progress our students have made, the impact that learning Spanish has had on their lives, and what advice they have for anyone who wants to do the same. 

First up with his BaseLang Story is Jacob. 

What is your name?


Why did you start Learning Spanish?

I’d always taken Spanish in high school, all four years. But I never learned anything. I could cram for tests, so I just flipped open the book and got my “B” and forgot the language immediately after. Then I started traveling in Latin America in 2014. Learn Spanish became important and I started to truly learn in 2015.

How long were you using BaseLang for?

3 months, and I made huge progress. Best thing I did to learn Spanish. By far. Bar none.

How has speaking Spanish improved your life?

Speaking Spanish makes traveling around Latin America so much better. Being able to interact with local people and have conversations with them is a huge benefit to every traveler. I couldn’t recommend learning Spanish, or any language, enough. You’ll build deeper connections and have real relationships with the people in Latin America by learning a little Spanish. Without it, you’re stuck communicating with tour guides and gringo hunters – which I can tell you from experience, isn’t what you want. I doubt I’d still be in the region unless my Spanish had improved, and I have BaseLang to thank for that.

What do you wish you had known before you started to learn Spanish?

That studying with a teacher and proper materials is 100X better than trying to study alone. Also, that adding a little structure once you can already speak the basics makes your ability skyrocket.

Favourite BaseLang Teacher and why?

Wilver Gonzales. He was an absolute joy to learn from. Fluent in English and obviously Spanish, he was able to communicate with me and fully explain things. He also told me a number of things about Venezuela that were quite fascinating.

Advice for other BaseLang Students

Daily classes for 2-3 months on BaseLang will improve your Spanish ability tenfold. It’s almost guaranteed. Just make sure you’re using the language away from BaseLang. Speak with some locals in the country. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Most gringos can’t speak a lick. Even if you’re still at home, try and find a way to chat with Spanish speakers on WhatsApp for practice.

If you are serious about learning Spanish in 2018, then we would love to be part of your story.

At BaseLang, you get unlimited one-on-one Spanish tutoring with professional teachers, over video chat, for just $179 a month.

Your first week is just $1. And we have a negative-risk guarantee: if at any point in the first 35 days, you don’t absolutely LOVE BaseLang, we’ll give you a full refund plus $20 extra for wasting your time.

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