Dog Names in Spanish: Over 50 popular names for dogs in Spanish!

Dog names in Spanish

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In Latin America, family is of utmost importance, and dogs are considered by many to be members of the family. So in welcoming such an important family member, choosing a dog’s name is a big deal. That’s why today’s post is all about dog names in Spanish!

Of course here at BaseLang we also just love dogs, so this is yet another post in our series along with Spanish dog commands, and general vocab for animals in Spanish. So whether you’re simply a dog fan like us, you need to choose a name for your dog, or you’ve met a few Spanish dogs and wonder what their names mean, you’ll surely enjoy today’s post on Spanish dog names!

Since we’re introducing over 50 common dog names in Spanish, we’ll break them down into categories based on the characteristics of the dogs. From Spanish female or male dog names, to Spanish dog names for different dog colors, to sweet dog names in Spanish, you’ll surely find a suitable name for your furry family member!



Spanish Dog Breeds

Before diving into the full list of dog names in Spanish, let’s learn some vocabulary for the typical dog breeds – razas de perros coming from Spain and Latin America.

Spanish English
Chihuahua Chihuahua
Mastín español Spanish Mastiff
Gran Pirineo Great Pyrénées
Pastor catalán Catalan Sheepdog
Dogo argentino Argentine Dogo
Cimarrón uruguayo Uruguayan Cimarron
Mucuchíes Mucuchies Venezuelan Sheepdog
Xoloitzcuintli Mexican Hairless Dog

Of course, Spanish names can be suitable for your dog even if it’s not one of these breeds! Whether you’re looking for a way to recognize your pet’s looks or its attitude, let’s dive into our Spanish dog names so your beloved pup can stand out in the crowd!

Great Pyrénées sheepdog, at work in the Pyrénées

Nieve, a Great Pyrénées sheepdog, at work in the Pyrénées

Spanish Female Dog Names

If you enjoy the company of a female dog – una perra, you’ll be interested in this list of feminine dog names in Spanish. There may be thousands of potential names for perritas, but we’ve narrowed this list down to our favorite ones.

Spanish Female Dog Name Meaning
Bella Beautiful
Alba Dawn
Cande Candle
Celia Heaven
Charo Rosary
Esperanza Hope
Emilia Emily
Estrella Star
Lupita Little wolf
Pía Pious
Ricarda Powerful ruler
Trini Trinity
Violeta Violet
Jazmín Jasmine flower
Frida Peace


Spanish Male Dog Names

If your four-legged friend – amigo de cuatro patas is a male pup, here we provide you with many Spanish male dog names that will make your dog’s name sound like a real Spanish cachorrito – puppy.

Spanish Male Dog Name Meaning
Bruno Shell
Pancho Hot dog
Milo Beloved
Zorro A famous movie character
Torpe Clumsy
Delgado Skinny
Benito Blessed
Rocco Strong as a rock
Paco French
Gaspar Treasure bearer
Manuel God is with us
Coco Coconut
Pucho Slang for cigarette
Lobo Wolf


Spanish Names for Black Dogs

Black dogs can have special personalities, that’s why they deserve very special names. In Spanish, there are many popular dog names that are perfect for your beloved black pet.

Spanish Black Dog Names Meaning
Negrito, Negrita Little black
Tinto (male) Red wine
Noche (female) Night
Cuervo (male) Raven
Diablito, Diablita Little devil
Pantera Panther

Several of these Spanish pet names are derived from other species with similar coloring. For more inspiration, check out our vocab post of animals in Spanish!



Spanish Names for White Dogs

The white color has a very distinctive and symbolic meaning, and there’s no exception for white dogs. Here, we offer you some options for dog names in Spanish for those pure little white puppers.

Spanish White Dog Names Meaning
Nieve (female) Snow
Blanco, Blanca White
Fantasma Ghost
Relámpago (male) Lightning
Luz (female) Light
Paloma, Palomo Dove
Luna (female) Moon
Perla (female) Pearl

Luna and Palomo

Spanish Names for Brown Dogs

If you are the proud owner of a brown dog, the following list will help you come up with a singular name that will describe either the physical characteristic or personality of your best animal friend.

Spanish Brown Dog Names Meaning
Galleta (female) Cookie
Caramelo (male) Candy
Castaña (female) Chestnut
Canela (female) Cinnamon
Avellana (female) Hazel
Dorado, Dorada Golden

If your pet’s coat has some other shade to it, you can probably find it in our post on colors in Spanish.



Spanish Cool Dog Names

This next list of Spanish dog names include some that just sound cool, while allowing you to describe the striking personality of your four-legged friend.

Spanish Cool Dog Names Meaning
Bandido, Bandida Bandit
Rebelde Rebel
Chispa (female) Spark
Gitano, Gitana Gipsy
Trueno (male) Thunder


Spanish Sweet Dog Names

In case you’re on the team of sweet and tender dogs, the next series of dog names in Spanish is for you. This is a list of adorable names for your furry family member, which are sure to reflect their kind and gentle nature.

Spanish Sweet Dog Names Meaning
Chiquito, Chiquita Little one
Dulce Sweet
Corazón Heart
Bonito, Bonita Little pretty
Amor (male) Love
Mariposa (female) Butterfly



Pet names in Spanish reflect both the personalities of the animals themselves, and of their owners. In this post, we provided you with over 50 of the most popular Spanish names for dogs.

So whether you’re looking for some inspiration to name a new pet, or you’re meeting your neighbor’s dogs and you wonder what those Spanish dog names mean, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning some of the best dog names in Spanish for all of our canine companions!


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