At the Bank in Spanish: A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Terms and Phrases

At the bank in Spanish

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If you’ll be spending an extended length of time in a Spanish-speaking country, chances are that you’ll need to navigate a bank in Spanish. Whether you simply want to withdraw some cash or exchange currency, or you need to access additional services like opening an account or taking out a loan, having the right vocabulary is obviously vital.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared this beginner’s guide to banking terms in Spanish to provide you with all the necessary vocab for your Spanish banking needs. You’ll find the essential terminology for the basics of using an ATM in Spanish all the way up to must-know terms for bank accounts and bank employees.

Now let’s dive in and get started with our Spanish banking vocab!

Basic banking terms

Knowing the fundamental banking terms in Spanish will enable you to converse with banking professionals and navigate various banking services, from everyday transactions to the core of banking operations. Let’s take a look!

English Spanish
Bank El banco
Bank office La oficina bancaria
Bank branch La sucursal bancaria
Window La ventanilla
Form El formulario, La planilla
Currency, Coinage La moneda
Foreign currency La divisa
Money El dinero
Banknotes, Bills Los billetes
Cash El efectivo
Check El cheque
Checkbook La chequera
Debit card La tarjeta de débito
Credit card La tarjeta de crédito
Change El cambio
Bank account La cuenta bancaria
Investment account La cuenta de inversión
Account statement El estado de cuenta
Online banking La banca en línea

Using an ATM

In reality, most of our banking needs in a new country are limited to ATM withdrawals, so let’s cover the basic Spanish ATM vocab first. While it’s unlikely that you’ll come across an ATM without an English option, perhaps you’d prefer to practice your language skills by choosing the Spanish option. You can often even do this in your home country!

English Spanish
ATM, Cash machine El cajero automático
Card La tarjeta
Cash withdrawal El retiro en efectivo
Account type El tipo de cuenta
Current account, Everyday checking La cuenta corriente
Savings account La cuenta de ahorros
Balance inquiry La consulta de saldo
Amount La cantidad
Insufficient funds El fondo insuficiente
Receipt El recibo, El comprobante

Transactions, services, and finance terms

When you need to speak with a bank employee in Spanish for some specific service, you’ll want to know the right terminology. In this section you’ll find the essential vocab for the transactions and services you might need, along with some basic finance terms in Spanish.

English Spanish
Deposit El depósito
Bank transfer La transferencia bancaria
Promissory note El pagaré
Payment El pago
Installment La cuota
Extension La prórroga
Charge, Fee El cargo
Debt La deuda
Credit El crédito
Loan El préstamo
Mortgage La hipoteca
Interest El interés
Interest rate La tasa de interés
Investment La inversión
Dividend El dividendo
Guarantee La garantía
Insurance El seguro
Cancellation La anulación
Signature La firma
Endorsement El endoso

Banking personnel

Navigating the bank in Spanish is not just about transactions. When you need to speak with someone specific, you’ll want to know what to call the people in charge of your financial operations in Spanish. For a broader list of jobs, check out our other vocab post on professions in Spanish. Note that most occupations are gender-specific, so we include both the masculine and the feminine versions here.

English Spanish (m) Spanish (f)
Customer, Client El cliente La cliente
Account holder El titular de la cuenta La titular de la cuenta
Customer service El servicio al cliente
Cashier El cajero La cajera
Account manager El gestor de cuentas La gestora de cuentas
Branch manager El gerente de sucursal La gerente de sucursal
Assistant manager El subgerente La subgerente
Financial advisor El asesor financiero La asesora financiera
Risk analyst El analista de riesgos La analista de riesgos
Auditor El auditor La auditora
Economist El economista La economista

Documentation and security

When it comes to banking, documentation and security are paramount. Understanding terms like identification document, national identity card, and password in Spanish will ensure that you’re able to navigate the procedures of identity verification and protection. By grasping these terms, you’ll confidently handle security protocols and ensure your financial safety.

English Spanish
Identification document (ID) El documento de identidad
National identity card La cédula de identidad
Passport El pasaporte
Proof of address El comprobante de domicilio
Credit history El historial crediticio
The contract El contrato
Security number El número de seguridad
Biometric security La seguridad biométrica
PIN El pin
Password La contraseña

Verbs to use at the bank in Spanish

So far through our lists of banking terms in Spanish, we’ve just covered the nouns. Now, here are the most useful Spanish banking verbs. You can make requests by conjugating the verbs querer (to want) or necesitar (to need), followed by the infinitive of these verbs.

English Spanish
To pay Pagar
To cash Cobrar
To deposit Depositar
To withdraw Retirar
To transfer Transferir
To exchange Cambiar
To authorize Autorizar
To sign Firmar
To open Abrir
To close Cerrar
  • Good afternoon, I need to cash a check. – Buenas tardes, necesito cobrar un cheque.
  • I want to pay for a service with my credit card. – Quiero pagar un servicio con mi tarjeta de crédito.
  • I need to deposit this money in my savings account. – Debo depositar este dinero en mi cuenta de ahorros.
  • I want to open a savings account. – Quiero abrir una cuenta de ahorros.

Common Spanish Banking Phrases

Besides all the nouns, there are some common banking phrases in Spanish that you’re likely to come across when using an ATM or going to the bank in Spanish. Do you recognize a lot of the vocabulary from above in these useful Spanish banking phrases?

  • What is the balance of my account? – ¿Cuál es el saldo de mi cuenta?
  • I would like to make a cash withdrawal. – Quiero hacer un retiro de dinero.
  • I need to open a bank account. – Necesito abrir una cuenta bancaria.
  • What is the current exchange rate? – ¿Cuál es el tipo de cambio actual?
  • Can I pay with a credit card? – ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?
  • How can I transfer money to another account? – ¿Cómo puedo transferir dinero a otra cuenta?
  • Can I receive a copy of my bank statement? – ¿Puedo obtener una copia de mi extracto bancario?
  • What are the requirements to apply for a loan? – ¿Cuáles son los requisitos para solicitar un préstamo?
  • What is the interest rate for this loan? – ¿Cuánto es la tasa de interés para este préstamo?
  • Could you recommend a savings plan? – ¿Puede recomendarme algún plan de ahorro?
  • In which currency would you like to make the transaction? – ¿En qué moneda desea hacer la transacción?
  • How long is the validity of this check? – ¿Cuánto tiempo dura la vigencia de este cheque?
  • Can I obtain a copy of my contract? – ¿Puedo obtener una copia de mi contrato?
  • Is there a fee for international transfers? – ¿Hay algún cargo por transferencias internacionales?
  • Where can I find a nearby ATM? – ¿Dónde puedo encontrar un cajero automático cercano?
  • What are the benefits of this investment plan? – ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de este plan de inversión?
  • How can I change my access password? – ¿Cómo puedo cambiar mi contraseña de acceso?
  • Can I speak with a financial advisor? – ¿Puedo hablar con un asesor financiero?
  • Is it possible to make online payments? – ¿Es posible realizar pagos en línea?
  • What is the repayment term for the loan? – ¿Cuál es el plazo para devolver el préstamo?
  • What documentation do I need to open an account? – ¿Qué documentación necesito para abrir una cuenta?
  • Can I get a receipt for this transaction? – ¿Puedo obtener un comprobante de esta transacción?
  • What is the expiration date of my card? – ¿Cuál es la fecha de vencimiento de mi tarjeta?
  • How can I review my transactions online? – ¿Cómo puedo revisar mis transacciones en línea?

Conclusion: Banking in Spanish

Congratulations! By going through this beginner’s guide, you’ve empowered yourself with a wealth of Spanish banking vocabulary. Armed with the ability to understand and communicate banking terms in Spanish, you’re now prepared to confidently navigate financial interactions, whether you’re strolling into a bank branch or engaging in conversations with financial professionals.

So, whether you’re making a deposit, seeking advice, or simply checking your balance, you’re ready to embark on a successful banking journey in Spanish-speaking regions!


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