Talking About Clothes in Spanish: Essential Vocabulary

clothes in spanish

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In this post, you’ll find all of the necessary vocabulary, as well as the most common verbs that you need when speaking about clothes in Spanish.

Let’s now waste any time and dive in.

Clothes In Spanish: The Most Common Verbs

You’ll notice that almost all of the verbs we use in relation to clothes are reflexive, which means perfect sense, as we are usually describing the action of dressing oneself.

If you’re not familiar with reflexive verbs in Spanish, then make sure to read our simple guide here.

Let’s see some of these common verbs.

Spanish Verb English
Quedar To fit
Poner – Ponerse To put on – To wear
Probar – Probarse To try on
Quitar – Quitarse To take off
Vestir – Vestirse To wear
Comprar – Comprarse To buy

And now, some examples of how these verbs are used:

  • That dress fits you very well – Ese vestido te queda muy bien
  • Put on the blue shoes – Ponte los zapatos azules
  • I’m going to try on these pants – Voy a probarme estos pantalones
  • You can take off your sweater if you wish – Puedes quitarte el suéter si deseas
  • What will you wear for the party? – ¿Que vas a vestir para la fiesta?
  • I’m going to buy a new bikini for the summer – Voy a comprar un bikini nuevo para el verano

Clothes In Spanish: Essential Vocabulary

In the next section, we’ll cover a bunch of essential vocabulary that you’ll need to know in order to speak about clothes in Spanish – whatever the scenario.

Let’s start specifically with some general clothing-related vocab.

Spanish English
Talla Size
Talla grande Large size
Talla mediana Medium size
Talla pequeña Small size
Telas Fabric
Botones Buttons
Cremallera / Cierre Zipper
Hilos de coser Sewing threads
Alfileres Pins
Agujas Needles
Parche Patch
Coser Sew
Modelo Model
Moda Fashion
Estar de moda To be in style
Pasado de moda Old fashioned
Probadores, Medidores Fitting rooms
Ganchos de ropa Clothes hooks

Talking about fabrics

Spanish English
Estampada Pattern
De cuadros Checkered
A rayas Stripped
Algodón Cotton
Lana Wool
Cuero – Piel Leather
Seda Silk
Licra Lycra

Talking about types of jewelry and accessories

Spanish English
Colas o gomas para el cabello Hairbands
Horquillas Hairpin
Cintillos Headbands
Gorra, sombrero Hat
Lentes de sol Sunglasses
Lentes para leer Eyeglasses
Reloj Watch
Pulseras Bracelets
Zarcillos Earrings
Collar Necklace
Gargantilla Choker
Anillo Ring
Guantes Gloves
Medias, Calcetines Socks
Pantimedias Pantyhose
Bufanda Scarf
Chal Shawl
Cinturón Belt
Corbatín Bowtie
Corbata Tie
Pañuelo Handkerchief
Boinas Berets

Talking about footwear

Spanish Word English
Zapatos Shoes
Zapatos deportivos Tennis shoes
Tacones High heels
Botas Boots
Plataformas Wedges
Botas de seguridad Security boots
Botas de lluvia Rain boots

Talking about upper-body clothing

Spanish Word English
Camisa Shirt
Franela T-shirt
Camiseta Tank Top
Chaqueta / Chamarra Jacket
Suéter Sweater
Abrigo Coat
Chaleco Vest
Impermeable Raincoat
Vestido Dress
Vestido de gala / Vestido formal Gown, Prom dress, Formal dress
Sobretodo Top Coat

Talking about lower-body clothing

Spanish Word English
Pantalones Pants
Pantalón deportivo Sport pants
Falda Skirt
Mini falda Miniskirt
Shorts Shorts
Jeans Jeans

Talking about underwear and sleepwear

Spanish English
Pantaletas / Bombachas /Bragas / Pantis Panties
Interiores / Calzones Underpants
Calzones largos Long johns
Sostén / Sujetador Bra
Top / Sostén deportivo Sport bra
Pijamas Pajamas
Camisón Nightgown
Pantuflas Sleepers
Liguero Garter belt
Bata / Albornoz Bathrobe

Talking about beach wear

Spanish English
Traje de baño / Bañador Swimwear, bathing suit
Bikini Bikini
Short de playa Swim Trunks
Pareo Beach wrap
Cholas, Sandalias Flip flops
Vestidos de playa Beach dress
Toalla de playa Beach towel


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