School supplies in Spanish: A vocabulary guide

School supplies in Spanish

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Everything is easier when you have the right tools, and school is no exception. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent, a shopkeeper, or just a curious language learner eager for knowledge, knowing the names of school supplies in Spanish is bound to come in handy.

That’s why in today’s post we bring you all the vocabulary you need to know about school supplies in Spanish. We’ll start with the basics and then move on to more specific ones like art supplies, electronics, and even teachers’ tools.

So, get out your pencil and notebook, and let’s start learning!

School Supplies – Los Útiles Escolares

First of all, how do you say school supplies in Spanish? Although in other contexts supplies can be translated in Spanish as suministros, when it comes to school supplies, we say los útiles escolares.

Now that we know how to say school supplies in Spanish, let’s continue with our vocab lessons, broken down into categories for quick reference.

Everyday supplies: Los útiles diarios

In this category you will basically find the supplies usually used on a regular basis, such as backpacks, books, pencils, and notebooks. Although it’s not so common in the United States to use uniforms, in Latin America most schools require them, so we include them here too.

School supplies Los útiles escolares
Book El libro
Texbook El libro de texto
Notebook El cuaderno, La libreta
Encyclopedia La enciclopedia
Dictionary El diccionario
Folder, Binder La carpeta
Pencil El lápiz
Mechanical pencil El portaminas
Pencil lead La mina
Pen El lapicero, El bolígrafo
Marker El marcador
Correction fluid, White-out El corrector
Highlighter El resaltador
Sharpener El sacapuntas
Ruler La regla
Eraser El borrador, La goma de borrar
Laptop La portátil, La laptop
Uniform El uniforme
Backpack La mochila, El morral
Pencil case El estuche, La cartuchera
Luchbox La lonchera

Art supplies: Los materiales de arte

Although in art class we use many of the things we have already seen above, there are some that are more specific, such as brushes and paints. Let’s see the name of these art-specific school supplies in Spanish.

Art supplies Los materiales de arte
Colored pencils Los lápices de colores, Los colores
Crayons Los crayones
Paint brush El pincel
Paint La pintura
Watercolors Las acuarelas
Modeling clay La plastilina
Paper El papel
Colored paper El papel de colores
Construction paper La cartulina fina, El carboncillo
Glue El pegamento, La pega, La goma
Scissors Las tijeras
Tape La cinta adhesiva
Sketchbook El bloc de dibujo

Math and science supplies: Los materiales de matemática y ciencia

Some of the items in this category tend to stay in school, such as chemistry supplies. Nonetheless, it is very useful for students, teachers and parents to know how to name these school supplies in Spanish.

Math and science supplies Los materiales de matemática y ciencia
Calculator La calculadora
Set of triangle rulers El juego de escuadras
Protractor El transportador
Drawing compass El compás
Test tube El tubo de ensayo
Measuring cups Las tazas medidoras
Glass beaker El vaso de precipitado
Thermometer El termómetro
Goggles Las gafas de protección
Gloves Los guantes

Teacher supplies: Los materiales para profesores

Teachers also need their tools to do a good job. Since we are done with the supplies for students, let’s take a look at the list of school supplies for teachers. And if you’re a parent or teacher, you may also be interested in our post on tú commands in Spanish to help you out with the kids in class!

Teacher supplies Los materiales para profesores
Whiteboard, Chalkboard La pizarra
Chalk La tiza
Markers Los marcadores
Projector El proyector
Bulletin board La cartelera
Briefcase El portafolio
Post-it notes Las post-it, Las notas adhesivas
Timer El temporizador
Hole punch, Paper puncher La perforadora de papel
Stapler La grapadora, La engrapadora
Staples Las grapas
Staple remover El sacagrapas
Label maker, Label printer La rotuladora


Now, you’re all ready to go back to school, aren’t you? You surely now know how to name most school supplies in Spanish once you get to class. How about a quick review before the bell rings?

The first thing we learned today was simply how to say school supplies in Spanish: los útiles escolares. Then we covered them in four groups: everyday, art, math and science, and teacher supplies.

Now you have a pretty comprehensive set of vocabulary lists that you can come back to whenever you need. Share it with your students if you’re a teacher, or with your classmates and teachers if you’re a student!

That’s it for today. We hope you enjoyed this post and see you next time! ¡Sigue aprendiendo! – Keep learning!


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