50+ Spanish Insults & Curse Words: How To Swear Like A Native Speaker


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They say that you don’t completely master a language until you know the “bad” words in that language….actually, I’m not sure if they say that, but either way, we’ve gathered the very best (worst) list of curse words in Spanish to learn (or not), listed depending on which country you are in.

As with English, the meaning of Spanish curse words will vary, depending on the context in which they are used.



Sometimes these words are used as a straight-up insult, while other times they’re used in a casual manner when speaking with friends (aka. banter).

Of course, they can also be used out of habit e.g when you stub your toe (“Motherf***ker!”).

Once you know the most common curse words in Spanish, you’ll be able to add a little more colour to your conversations, and probably make your native speaking friends laugh in the process.

So, what are some Spanish curse words?

Before we go into that, I should say:

WARNING: This post is not for the faint-hearted, so if you are easily offended, please stop reading right now. While we do not endorse using any of the following explicit language, you’ll find that these words are commonly used in Spain & Latin America.

Now that we have that parental advisory message over with, let’s learn how to curse in Spanish.

Just as the slang used in your country isn’t applicable to all English speaking countries, specific Spanish curse words may carry a different meaning depending on which part of the Spanish-speaking world you are in.

Even when we talk about “profanity”, there are many different ways to express this word.

Palabras sucias” is probably the most globally recognized one, but where’s the fun in asking someone to teach you the “dirty words”.

So if you want to learn the best curse words, you should ask someone to teach you:

Tacos (Spain)


Groserias, majaderías, or maldiciones (Mexico).


Bardeos (Argentina)


Garabatos (Chile)


Puteadas (Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, referring more directly to insults.)


Desvergüenzas (El Salvador; better translated as a shameless remark.)




Palabras toscas (the Colombian Caribbean.)


Lisuras (Peru; refers more to rude or cheeky remarks.)


Once you ask someone to teach you palabras sucias, what you hear may depend on the country you’re in.

There are a ton of curse words used exclusively in some countries or regions, that when used outside of those places won’t make any sense.


Capullo: Asshole, jerk.


Cojones: Refers directly to the testicles.


La hostia: Means “the host”, but is used as “shit” or “holy shit”, or used as “Hostia puta” to say “Holy fuck”


Follar: To fuck


Gilipollas: Bastard, shithead.


Que te jodan: Similar to ‘fuck you’.


Tonto del culo:  “An idiot of the ass” or as we’d say in English, dumbass



Huevos: Meaning eggs, yes, but also testicles in Mexico and most of South America as well.


Pendejo: Direct translation is “pubic hair” , but in Mexico it means “dumbass”, “asshole”, or “imbecile” and is widely used as an insult, or in a friendly manner amongst friends.


Pinche: The Mexican equivalent of “fucking” used in front of anything else to intensify its meaning. “pinche pendejo” (fucking asshole) being the most popular pairing.


Un putero: Used to express “A fucking ton of”.


Joto: Sissy, gay


Chingar: To fuck


Chingados: This one is tough to translate, commonly used as “¿Qué chingados?”, that could mean something similar to “What the fuck?”.


Bolacear: To bullshit.


Forro: Asshole. The usage as an insult is only confined to Argentina. However, it has a whole range of other meanings when used in other parts of South America.


Boludo: Lazy, dumb, slow.


Pelotudo: Can also mean Lazy, dumb, slow.


Malparido: Literally meaning “Poorly given birth to”, is one of the most insulting words to call someone. You can find this one across South America, but it’s most common in Argentina.


Cabeza de pija: Dickhead.


Petero: Cocksucker.


Chupapijas: A 2nd way to say cocksucker (variety is the spice of life).


Concha: Equivalent of “Cunt” or “Pussy” used in the southern region of South America, while meaning only “Shell” or “Peel” in its northern part.


Tragaleche: Cum swallower.


Reverendo: Meaning “Reverend” when translated literally, but used in Argentina to intensify the meaning of the following noun (similar to “fucking”). For example, “reverendo hijo de las mil putas” ( fucking son of a thousand whores) is a popular term when confronted with extreme frustration.

You missed your fight?

Reverendo hijo de las mil putas”



Argentina is a country where many words carry double meanings, so much so that even native Spanish speakers can be caught off guard. In Colombia, for instance, you can “coger un taxi” (grab a taxi) but in Argentina that means you’re going to have sex with a taxi.


Hijueputa: Colombian version of “Hijo de Puta”, meaning son of a bitch.


Doble hijueputa: Double son of a bitch.


Triple hijueputa: You’re not once, not twice, but three times a son of bitch.


Gonorrea: Means “gonorrhea”, but used to refer to someone or something extremely unlikeable. This is an extremely strong thing to say, so don’t use it lightly.


Arrecho: A person who is horny.


Cuca, Chocha, Chucha, Panocha: All vulgar words for vagina similar to “Cunt”.


Culicagado: “Crapped ass”, this word is used to talk, with contempt, about a young person or teenager, because they haven’t grown up enough. A close English equivalent would be a spoiled brat.


Pirobo: This curse has a lot of different meanings. Originally, It’s definition was a person who came from a rich family but nowadays it’s just a standard insult and when is used in a friendly conversation can mean friend or dude.


Careverga or Carechimba: “Dickface.” This is pretty straightforward.


Gueva: Similar to how “Pendejo” is used in Mexico, it is used to call someone an asshole or stupid


Qué Gueva:  how stupid.


Guevon: Literally, a guy with big balls, but used like “bro”.

Palabras Sucias (Recognized almost anywhere)

Idiota: Idiot, Dumbass, jerk, jackass.


Estúpido: Stupid, douchebag.


Hijo de puta: Son of a bitch, motherfucker.


Mierda: Shit, crap, bullshit.


Imbécil: Imbecile, dickhead, jerk, moron.


Hijo de perra: Son of a bitch.


Coger, Tirar: Translates as “picking up” and “throwing”, but in the wrong context, means “to fuck”.


Joder: Fuck (as the single word expression).


Carajo: Fuck (both as the expression and noun); damn it.


Cabrón Bastard, asshat, dick (As popular in Europe as it is in South America).


Puta madre: Whore mother, motherfucker, fucking great (both bad and good, depending on the context).


Puta: Whore.


Apestar: To suck at something.


Bastardo: Bastard.


Pajero: Jerk.


Vete al demonio: Go to Hell.


Móngolo: Retard.


Zorra: Bitch, whore.


Perra: Bitch, whore.


Marica: Sissy, pussy – can be used between male friends.


Maricón: Sissy, pussy, gay – the more offensive version of Marica (massively offensive slur for the gay community).


Marico: Similar to the previous one, it can be used as an insult when describing someone who is homosexual, or when used with friends, can mean something as inoffensive as buddy or dude. The Central and South America equivalent to “pendejo” in Mexico.


Mamón: Sucker, prick.


Maldito: Damn, darn (this is the “polite” version of hijo de puta).


Coño: Cunt, fuck, damn (Usable in both South America and Spain, but way more offensive in the latter).


Verga: Cock, dick. In South America it’s almost as widely used as “fuck” would be.


Bicho, Pija, Huevo:  Also meaning “cock” or “dick” in most of Central and South America, with “bicho” being capable of meaning a mere bug or slang for child. Once again, the meaning will depend on the context and intention.


Huevos: Seeing them in plural could mean just several dicks, or it could be referring to the testicles as well.


Corneta, Pico, Pito: When in Chile and Argentina, these will mean cock as well.


Mamahuevo or Chupapijas: Cocksucker, the latter being used mostly in Spain, also seen as mamabicho, mamawebo, chupavergas and everything in between when in most of South America.


Culo: Ass.


Tarado: Moron, dumbass.


Lame botas: Boot licker (literally), ass kisser.


Huevón: Lazy, dumb, slow (seen as weon, boludo and pelotudo in Chile and Argentina).


Que te den: Up yours.


Me cago en: Used mostly in Spain. It means “I shit on…”. As you can imagine, people get creative with this one.

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Funny Spanish Phrases

While it’s good to have a collection of curse words in your Spanish repertoire, we recommend some go-to phrases that will roll off the tongue when the time is right.

Like curse words, you’ll notice that many Spanish phrases can be adapted to both casual and serious scenarios.


Ni de coña: Not a curse word per se, but equally not something you should use in a formal conversation. This phrase is used to say “not a fucking chance”, while “coña” can be used on its own as a casual way to say  “joke”.


Pollas en vinagre (Spain): Directly translates as “dicks in vinegar”, this expression is used in a dismissive manner, similar to ni de coña.

For example,

Your boss: ¿Puedes trabajar hasta tarde hoy? (can you work late today?).

You: Pollas en vinagre (dicks in vinegar).


Me cago en todo lo que se menea (Spain): Used when you are being extremely upset about something. Translates as “I shit on everything that moves”.


Hijo de la grandísima puta: If you’re not content with using Hijo de puta (son of a bitch), then this upgrade translates as “son of THE great whore”. A fantastic way to insult someone, but definitely not fantastic.


Que te folle un pez (Spain): Translates as “Get fucked by a fish”, which does not sound like a pleasant afternoon.


Me chupa un huevo (Argentina, Uruguay): Translates as “It sucks me an egg” which is a weird way to say “I don’t give a fuck”.


La concha de la lora (Argentina, Uruguay): This expression is quite old and translates as “The parrot’s pussy”. Using “lora” on its own can mean a foreign prostitute.

This phrase is usable in a couple of situations, from expressing anger/frustration and screaming it into the air, to referring to something that is very far away. For example: If you get a flat tire on your way to work, all you can do is say “¡La concha de la lora!”.

Or if want to say “My grandparents live really fucking far away”, then you would say “Mis abuelos viven por allá en la concha de la lora”.



La re-puta que te parió: The re-whore of your mother (extra whore, if you will). Used for giving an insult back, or even delivering the first insult.


Anda a cagar: Translates as “Go take a shit”, or the English equivalent of “Get lost”.


Me cago en tu madre: Literally translates as “I shit on your mother”. Spanish insults really like to go directly for your mom, huh.

And that is a wrap.

Feel free to comment below if we forgot any insults that you think should be included.

As we said before, exercise caution when you use these words.

The context, tone, and person you use these words with will determine the severity of the insult.

It’s probably best to experiment by first using these words with amigos.





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