Numbers in Spanish: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Want to learn how to say numbers in Spanish? You’re in luck – not only are they really easy, but this guide explains how to say numbers all the way into the millions, with tons of examples to help you out.

But first, we need to start with uno, dos, tres…

Numbers in Spanish 1–100

Here are the Spanish numbers from zero to a hundred.

NOTE: unlike in English, numbers like 76 aren’t just seventy-six. There’s an “and” in there. So it would be “setenta y seis”.

Numbers Spanish
0 Cero
1 Uno
2 Dos
3 Tres
4 Cuatro
5 Cinco
6 Seis
7 Siete
8 Ocho
9 Nueve
10 Diez
11 Once
12 Doce
13 Trece
14 Catorce
15 Quince
16 Dieciseis
17 Diesisiete
18 Diesiocho
19 Diecinueve
20 Veinte
30 Treinta
40 Cuarenta
50 Cincuenta
60 Sesenta
70 Setenta
80 Ochenta
90 Noventa
52 Cincuenta y dos
35 Trienta y cinco
86 Ochenta y seis
67 Sesenta y siete
34 Treinta y cuatro
28 Venitiocho
54 Cincuenta y cuatro
72 Setenta y dos
100 Cien

Spanish Numbers: The Hundreds

A hundred in Spanish is “cien”. But this is just for 100. If it’s 101, it’s now “ciento y uno”, changing the cien to ciento.

The rest follow a simple rule:
Base number (2–9) + cientos

Some of them have little variations. Here they are:

Numbers Spanish
200 Doscientos
300 Trescientos
400 Cuatrocientos
500 Quinientos (Exception)
600 Seiscientos
700 Setecientos (Variation)
800 Ochocientos
900 Novecientos (Variation)
598 Quinientos noventa y ocho
763 Setecientos sesenta y tres
358 Trescientos cincuenta y ocho
127 Ciento veintisiente
316 Trescientos dieciseis
789 Setecientos ochenta y nueve
651 Seisientos cincuenta y uno
992 Novecientos noventa y dos

Pretty simple. Next, we have thousands…

Spanish Numbers: The Thousands

“Mil” is not a million, as you may think. This ain’t gangsta rap.

Nope, “mil” is the Spanish word for “thousand”.

There aren’t any exceptions or variations for these, making it really easy.

We just use this rule:
Base number + Mil

Numbers Spanish
1000 Mil
2000 Dos mil
3000 Tres mil
4000 Cuatro mil
5000 Cinco mil
6000 Seis mil
7000 Siete mil
8000 Ocho mil
9000 Nueve mil
10000 Diez mil

Let’s see some more complex combinations:

Numbers Spanish
5,963 Cinco mil novecientos sesenta y tres
7,482 Siete mil cuatrocientos ochenta y dos
1,429 Mil cuatrocientos veintinueve
59,632 cincuenta y nueve mil seisientos treinta y dos
42,158 Cuarenta y dos mil ciento cincuenta y ocho
74,890 Setenta y cuatro mil ochocientos noventa
145,897 Ciento cuarenta y cinco mil ochocientos noventa y siente
415,820 Cuatrocientos quince mil ochocientos veinte
123,567 Ciento veintitres mil quinientos sesenta y siete

Spanish Numbers: The Millions

This is just like mil, but there’s a plural form for everything more than just one million.

One million is “millón”, and more than one uses “millones”.

Numbers Spanish
1,000,000 Un millón
2,000,000 Dos millones
55,000,000 Cincuenta y cinco millones
120,000,000 Ciento veinte millones
72,785,145 Setenta y dos millones setecientos ochenta y cinco mil ciento cuarenta y cinco
459,840,000 Cuatrocientos cincuenta y nueve millones ochocientos cuareta mil

TIP: In many countries, this is written as “1’000.000″ instead of “1,000,000”. The ‘ is used instead of a comma for the millions, and the period is used instead of a comma for the rest.

Spanish Numbers Quiz

Listen to the audio files below and then write down what number was said. Then, check your answers in the key.

  1. Treinta y cinco: __ __
  2. Ochenta y dos: __ __
  3. Ciento setenta y siete: __ __ __
  4. Doscientos uno: __ __ __
  5. Mil quinietos cuarenta y cinco: __ . __ __ __
  6. Siete mil ochocientos: __ . __ __ __
  7. Ciento veinte mil doscientos treinta: __ __ __ . __ __ __
  8. Ochocientos setenta y cinco mil cien: __ __ __ . __ __ __
  9. Tres millones novecientos treinta mil: __ ‘__ __ __ . __ __ __
  10. Ochenta millones ciento sesenta y tres mil quinietos diesiciete: __ __ ‘ __ __ __ . __ __ __


  1. 35
  2. 82
  3. 177
  4. 201
  5. 1545
  6. 7800
  7. 170,230
  8. 875,100
  9. 3,930,000
  10. 80,173,517

That’s it! It will take some practice to get these down pat, so we definitely recommend training these with a flashcard app until they come to you second nature.

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