Terms for Free 30-Minute Class Offer

Here at BaseLang, we offer a free 30-minute class on each of our blog posts and videos for anyone who share the post/video publicly on Facebook and tags the BaseLang Facebook Page in their post. This page outlines the terms of this offer and details of how it works.

First, how do you get a free class?

  1. Almost every blog post has an associated video, in addition to the actual blog post. If at the end of the video, we talk about this offer, it’s eligible for the free class.
  2. You share either the video associated with the blog post (it will be embedded within the blog post), or the blog post itself (sharing both will not get you two classes), on Facebook. This share must:
    1. Be public. If it’s only within your friends, we can’t see and verify it.
    2. Tag the official BaseLang Facebook Page in your post (do this by writing @BaseLang)
  3. Once the share happens, we will send you a message via Facebook 2-3 days after you post. We wait these 2-3 days to make sure people don’t just post and then immediately delete it after they get their class. If for some reason we haven’t contacted you after 4 days, sorry! Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Send a message to our page with a link to the post you are redeeming for a class.
  4. Right now, we will schedule your class manually. We’ll need your timezone, what you want to cover (if you have a topic in mind), and 3-4 times that work for you within our 6am-midnight teaching hours. Classes occur over Skype, so you must have a Skype account (it’s free).

You can get ONE free 30-minute class per blog post or it’s associated video (if it has one that talks about this offer in it). You CAN get one free 30-minute class for each blog post (meaning you can could, theoretically, take a 30-minute class every two days for free if you shared every blog post). You CANNOT get two free classes if you share both the blog post and it’s associated video.

Terms of receiving your free class:

  1. First, by taking the class, you accept our primary Terms & Conditions.
  2. The class will be only 30 minutes, and at this time we do not guarantee you will get a particular teacher (even if you request them)
  3. If you do not take the class within 30 days of us contacting you for the redemption, you forfeit your free class.
  4. You may earn multiple classes by sharing multiple videos/posts, and then redeem them together for a longer class.
  5. BaseLang reserves the right to remove this offer at any time without warning. If we do this, those who have already shared are still entitled to their remaining classes.
  6. BaseLang reserves the right to edit these terms at any point without notifying you. By taking a class, you agree to the post up-to date terms here, as they were when you took the class.
  7. Your Facebook account must have at least 100 friends to be eligible. If you post it as a Facebook page, you must have at least 300 “likes” to be eligible. We do this to make sure people don’t abuse this offer with fake accounts.
  8. You must speak enough English to communicate with the teacher, if your Spanish isn’t good enough to do so yet.
  9. There are no country or age limitations (give your toddler a free class!), but you assume all responsibility for abiding by your country’s laws and BaseLang is no liable for anything that may occur as a result of your taking the class. We provide the free class, and that is all.

That’s all!

Sound complicated? Maybe you should just signup for BaseLang instead :)