BaseLang’s Progression System – How it Works

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The BaseLang progression system allows students to track their progress as they complete lessons with BaseLang.

The BaseLang Real World curriculum is structured from level 0 (basics) to level 9 (advanced).

In the My Progress section, you will see your BaseLang Level which is a representation of your social fluency. This score is based on the number of lessons completed at each level.

How Do I Increase My BaseLang Level?

In the below example, you can see that the BaseLang Level is 4.6.

You can also see a description of the level you are currently on, along with information on what the level entails. This top section shows your progress through the curriculum as a whole (with the idea that once your level is 10, you are socially fluent). The progress bar around your photo indicates your progress out of the entire curriculum.

pasted image 0 65


Level 4 Progress shows a summary of core lessons and electives already completed and left to complete for that level. Your progress bar around the number here indicates your progress through that particular level.

In this example, there are 11 of 21 core lessons completed, which means there are 10 more core lessons.

Likewise, there is one elective to be completed, with 14 out of 15 electives already done. You can take any elective to fulfill this requirement – the idea is that you are learning vocab related to your interests.

Marking Lessons As Completed

Once you complete lessons or electives with your teacher, you can visit the core lessons (or elective) area yourself and mark each new lesson complete.

pasted image 0 58

Once you mark everything as complete, you’ll notice that your progress score has increased when you return to the My Progress section (or the Dashboard).

pasted image 0 59

In this example, once you mark all required lessons and electives as complete, your score will change to 4.9.  At this point you need to take a short one-hour verbal test with your teacher in your next class in order to move your progress level to 5.0.

pasted image 0 61

Do I Need To Take The Test?

We recommend all students take the end-of-level tests. However, it’s not mandatory.

If you decide to skip the test, then your progress level number will not increase, as we won’t be able to guarantee that you are at the correct level. The idea behind the BaseLang level number is that we guarantee that you have that level.

Taking the test allows us to ensure that you are at the required level of Spanish before advancing to the next level.

Do I Have To Use This Progress System?

No, this system is completely optional.

If you have a level of 4.6, for instance, you can still take a class from level 7 if you want, or do anything else.

This system is in place so we can guarantee your level, to guide you through the process of reaching fluency in the ideal path, and so you can see your progress (even when you can’t feel it).

Other Features

Core Lessons Progress: Displays your progress through the core lessons of BaseLang.

pasted image 0 64

Electives Progress: View your progress through our electives. The idea is, once you have 100% in one of these elective categories, you can speak about that topic with no issues! Electives are here to build your vocabulary and experience speaking about the specific topics important to you.

pasted image 0 63

Usage Statistics: Wonder how many classes you’ve taken, total? Or perhaps how many you’ve taken in the last week, or how far your level has come in the last month? Learn all of that here.

pasted image 0 60

Top 6 Most Used Teachers: Curious how much time you’ve spent with different teachers, or who you tend to use the most? Find out here.

pasted image 0 62

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Read more about our most recent platform update here. 


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