The Spanish Alphabet: A Comprehensive Guide

Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation Guide

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Learning the Spanish alphabet is one of the easiest wins when it comes to improving your Spanish pronunciation.

While many letters sound the same between English and Spanish, the vowels and r’s are quite different – and worth getting right. So, scroll down and get started learning. Make sure to practice each sound over and over!

The Alphabet in Spanish

Play the sound using the embedded player to learn each letter, or watch the video above.

Letter Example Sound Recording
A  Azul
C Casa
D  Día
E  Elefante
F  Feliz
G  Gato
H  Hola
I  Iglesia
J  Jirafa
K  Kilo
L  León
M  Mango
N  Naturaleza
Ñ  Ñoño
O  Oro
P  Perro
Q  Queso
R  Ratón
S  Sapo
T  Toro
U  Uva
V  Vaca
W  Whisky
X  Xenón
Y  Yeso
Z  Zorro

What’s key here is you won’t be able to hear the small differences between how you say it and the accent of a native speaker. So, what you want to do is find a native speaking friend to correct you on these until you’ve got it 100% right (it’s that important).

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Here’s some practice. Play the audio file, then write down what we just spelled. Then, check your answers with the key, and say each word aloud yourself.

Spanish Alphabet Quiz

Be careful not to scroll to far down before writing your answers down, or you’ll see the key.


  1. Taxi
  2. Casa
  3. Mujer
  4. Teléfono
  5. Pasaporte
  6. Extrañar

The alphabet is the perfect start to learning Spanish pronunciation. But there’s a lot more, and it’s important to nail this early on (as unlike grammar, it’s harder to un-learn bad habits with pronunciation and get lazy).

We’ll be adding an in-depth guide to Spanish pronunciation at the end of the month. It includes 21 videos, in-depth explanations on the common mistakes native English speakers make, and a heavily field-tested way to improve your pronunciation. It’s the most comprehensive free guide anywhere on the internet. If you want to make sure you get this guide, click here and we’ll notify you when it’s live.

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