“Learning Spanish has shaped my dreams” #BaseLangStories

Hannah practicing her Spanish on BaseLang

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Hannah took Spanish in high school, and continues taking classes now that she’s at university. She tries to maintain a habit of at least one BaseLang session every day to practice speaking, while also turning to her BaseLang teachers to cover niche topics or to explain tougher grammar concepts. Let’s hear her story.

Our BaseLangStories series puts the spotlight on BaseLang students – asking them about their motivations for learning a foreign language, what impact learning Spanish has had on their lives, advice they have for fellow students, and more.

1. What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Hannah, and I’m from West Chester, PA.

2. Why did you want to learn Spanish?

After my family and I moved to China for four years during middle school, I improved my Chinese vastly and discovered the value of getting to know people in their native language. My relationships and conversations with people felt more connected when I got to know them in their native language.

So when we returned to the US, I was going to high school, and I had to choose a language to learn. I chose Spanish because I learned a little bit when I was younger, and it’s the second most spoken language in the US.

Then I had the opportunity to travel to Spain with my school on a culture and language-themed trip, and I fell in love with Spain. I loved the lifestyle, the history, the food, and now it’s my dream to work and live in Spain one day.

Hannah on her trip to Spain

Hannah on her trip to Spain

3. In the past, what did you use to learn Spanish?

I took classes in high school for three years, and this past year I took classes during my freshman year in college. I also utilized the free tutoring service at my school to add an additional 2 hours of practice every week.

4. Before BaseLang, which part of learning Spanish did you struggle with the most?

I struggled with subjunctive and when to use the more complicated grammar structures. Additionally, I was struggling with the more niche concepts that would only come up occasionally, but I wouldn’t have the knowledge to express in Spanish, for example, ordinal numbers.

5. What obstacle would have prevented you from signing up for BaseLang before?

The cost. I used my dad’s credit card to pay for the first month :D I’m grateful for the opportunity to receive a free month for just sharing my experience with BaseLang, because it’s an amazing tool.

6. What specific feature do you like the most about the Real World program?

I love that I can sign up for classes at any time of the day.

7. How has learning Spanish impacted your life?

Through my passion for learning Spanish, I’ve met delightful people and had authentic and heartfelt conversations. I’ve had experiences that are integral to my identity and have shaped my dreams and vision for my future.

Hannah using her Spanish with friends at home in Pennsylvania

Hannah using her Spanish with friends in her home state of Pennsylvania

8. Would you recommend this course? If so, why?

I would recommend this course because it’s a great way to chalk up hours of practice just speaking and using what you have learned. You can sign up for classes every half an hour, and there is so much flexibility regarding what you can do during class. You drive the agenda, and the tutors are here to help you achieve your goals.

9. Complete the following sentence “After my first month of BaseLang, I realized that…..”

You definitely need to read the reviews and be sure to tell your tutor what you want to get out of the session. If you want your tutor to correct any mistakes you make and type the corrections in the chat, you have to tell them that. You can’t assume that every teacher will teach the same way.

I’ve also barely had more than one or two classes with the same teacher, so it may be hard to build a relationship, and if you want just to chat, you might end up re-introducing yourself over and over again. But it depends on if you just let things happen or if you take the reins of your class.

10. Anything else to add?

This program has a hefty price. But if you just take 1 hour of class daily, you’ll only pay $5 per hour. That’s a pretty good price. But sometimes, it’ll be hard to motivate yourself to do anything, much less take a Spanish class. On those days, I would say, just book a class for 30 min and just converse. I always find that helps to keep me going and keep the streak going. Something is always better than nothing. Make sure you get your money’s worth!


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