Insects in Spanish: A quick vocab guide

A vocab guide to common insects in Spanish

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Insects, often overlooked, play a crucial role in our planet’s ecosystems. From pollinating plants to decomposing organic matter, their presence is fundamental in maintaining nature’s balance. If you are a nature lover, knowing the names of many common insects in Spanish will come in handy when exploring the wild!

The word for insects in Spanish is los insectos, although you can also say los bichos if you want to say bugs in Spanish. For the squeamish who think of them as pests, the Spanish equivalent is plagas. For the rest of us who appreciate their diversity though, let’s take a look at the names of the insects in Spanish!

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Flying insects – Los insectos voladores

Flying insects include butterflies, flies, and bees, among others. They often play important roles in plant pollination.

English Spanish
Butterfly La mariposa
Moth La polilla
Dragonfly La libélula
Bee La abeja
Bumblebee El abejorro
Wasp La avispa
Hornet El avispón
Gnat El jején
Fly La mosca
Mosquito El mosquito
Horsefly El tábano
Firefly La luciérnaga
Ladybug La mariquita
Beetle El escarabajo
Grasshopper El saltamontes
Cricket El grillo

Ground insects – Los insectos terrestres

Examples of ground insects include ants, cockroaches, and beetles. They mostly traverse land, and can be found in a variety of habitats including plants and trees. Some are even considered pests when they’re found in our homes!

English Spanish
Ant La hormiga
Termite La termita
Ground beetle El escarabajo de tierra
Stick bug El insecto palo
Centipede El ciempiés
Millipede El milpiés
Cockroach La cucaracha
Earwig La tijereta
Mite El ácaro
Tick La garrapata
Bedbug El chinche
Flea La pulga
Louse El piojo

Other Spanish insect words

Now let’s take a look at some related Spanish insect words. This is the vocab we use to describe things like colonies and body parts.

English Spanish
Insect El insecto
Bug El bicho
Parasite El parásito
Nest El nido
Anthill El hormiguero
Swarm El enjambre
Colony La colonia
Beehive La colmena
Horde La horda
Egg El huevo
Larva La larva
Thorax El tórax
Stinger El aguijón
Antenna La antena
Sting, Bite La picada

Conclusion: Spanish insect vocab

Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or simply expanding your language skills, mastering the vocabulary related to bugs in Spanish can enhance your understanding of the natural world.

From identifying different insect species to describing their behaviors and habitats, this simple vocab guide equips you with the necessary tools to engage with insects in Spanish-speaking environments. So, next time you encounter a buzzing bee or a crawling cockroach, you’ll know just what to call these insects in Spanish!


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