Math in Spanish: All the Spanish math terms you need

Terms for math in Spanish

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Mathematics is a universal language that goes beyond any linguistic or cultural barrier. However, if you are planning to visit, study, or work in a Spanish-speaking country, knowing some Spanish math vocabulary will be of great help to you.

In this article, we will explore some of the most common and key math terms in Spanish. We’ll cover the basic Spanish math terms, and we’ll also go through algebra terms, geometry terms, and finish up with other vocab related to math in Spanish.

So if you’re ready to become a Spanish math whiz, buckle up and let’s dive in!

Basic math terms in Spanish

When talking about the discipline of Mathematics, Spanish speakers use Matemática or Matemáticas. You can use either the plural form matemáticas or the singular form matemática; both are correct.

  • Juan loves math. – A Juan le encantan las matemáticas.
  • When I was in school, math was not my strong suit. – Cuando iba a la escuela, la matemática no era mi fuerte.

Let’s start with some basic math terms in Spanish.

English Math Terms Spanish Math Terms
Number El número
Even number El número par
Odd number El número impar
Prime number El número primo
Ordinal number El número ordinal
Pi (3.14159…) El número Pi
Decimal number El número decimal
The point La coma
Operations Las operaciones
The solution La solución
Geometry La geometría
Arithmetics La aritmética
Algebra El álgebra
Calculus El cálculo
Greater than Mayor que
Less than Menor que
To count Contar
To measure Medir
  • Ordinal numbers are used to indicate the position of order of something. – Los números ordinales se utilizan para indicar la posición y el orden de algo.
  • A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that is only divisible by 1 and itself. – Un número primo es un número natural mayor que 1 que solo es divisible por 1 o por sí mismo.

Math symbols in Spanish

When talking about math operations, here’s our list of Spanish math symbols.

Math Symbols in English Math Symbols in Spanish
+ plus + más
– minus – menos
x  times x por
÷ divided by ÷ dividido entre
% percent % por ciento
√ square root √ la raíz cuadrada
X2  X squared X2  X al cuadrado
= equal = igual
≠ unequal ≠ desigual
( ) parenthesis ( ) los paréntesis
{ } brackets { } las llaves
/ fraction slash / la barra de fracciones
< less than < menor que
> greater than > mayor que
≤ less than or equal to ≤ menor o igual a
≥ greater than or equal to ≥ mayor o igual a
° degrees ° los grados

Now that we’ve gone through some math terms in Spanish, let’s see them in action! Note that rather than saying “equals” in Spanish, we can just say “is” using the verb ser conjugated: es. In case you need a refresher, we’ll also recommend our fundamental post on numbers in Spanish.

  • 2+2=4 – Dos más dos es cuatro.
  • 5-2=3 – Cinco menos tres es igual a tres.
  • 4×5=20 – Cuatro por cinco es igual a veinte.
  • √9=3 – La raíz cuadrada de nueve es tres.

Algebra terms in Spanish

Now we get more specific, as we dive into the world of algebraic terms in Spanish!

Algebra Terms in English Algebra Terms in Spanish
Addition La suma
Subtraction La resta
Multiplication La multiplicación
Division La división
Percentage La porcentaje
Equation El ecuación
Monomial El monomio
Binomial El binomio
Polynomial El polinomio
Trinomial El trinomio
Factoring La factorización
Terms Los términos
Variable La variable
Constant La constante
Exponent La exponente
Functions Las funciones
Cosine El coseno
Sine El seno
Logarithm El logaritmo
Sequences Las secuencias
Series Las series
Binary Binario
Graph El gráfico
Matrix La matriz
Vector El vector

To illustrate, let’s see an example that mentions several of these Spanish algebra terms:

  • A polynomial is a mathematical expression that consists of variables, constants, exponents, and mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. – Un polinomio es una expresión matemática que consta de variables, constantes, exponentes y operaciones matemáticas como suma, resta, multiplicación.

Geometry terms in Spanish

The following list will be helpful in dealing with geometry in Spanish.

Geometry Terms in English Geometry Terms in Spanish
Geometric shapes Las figuras geométricas
Square El cuadrado
Rectancle El rectángulo
Circle El círculo
Triangle El triángulo
Diamond El rombo
Trapezoid El trapecio
Pentagon El pentágono
Hexagon El hexágono
Dodecahedron El dodecaedro
Parallelogram El paralelogramo
Pyramid La pirámide
Sphere La esfera
Cone El cono
Cylinder El cilindro
Circumference La circunferencia
Radius El radio
Diameter El diámetro
Perimeter El perímetro
Area El área
Surface La superficie
Hypotenuse La hipotenusa
Leg, Side El cateto
Base La base
Height La altura
Angle El ángulo
Right angle El ángulo recto
Obtuse angle El ángulo obtuso
Acute angle El ángulo agudo
Reflexive angle El ángulo reflexivo
Concave Cóncavo
Convex Convexo
  • An acute angle is an angle that measures less than 90 degrees. – Un ángulo agudo es un ángulo que mide menos de 90 grados.
  • The teacher asked the students to calculate the perimeter of a rectangular playground. – La maestra les pidió a los estudiantes calcular el perímetro de un parque rectangular.

Other Spanish math terms

Finally, we’ll cover some math terms in Spanish that are commonly used in different situations.

Other Math Terms in English Other Math Terms in Spanish
Average El promedio
Derivative La derivada
Gradient El gradiente
Integral La integral
Interval El intervalo
Principle El principio
Probability La probabilidad
The Pythagorean theorem El teorema de Pitágoras
Quotient El cociente
Result El resultado
Rotation La rotación
Segment El segmento
Three-dimensional Tridimensional
Two-dimensional Bidimensional
Unit La unidad
Value El valor
  • A segment in geometry is just a line that connects two points. – En geometría, un segmento es una línea que conecta dos puntos.
  • The quotient is the result obtained when one number or quantity is divided by another. – El cociente es el resultado que se obtiene de dividir una cantidad por otra.


So far so good! In this post, we’ve covered a vast number of math terms in Spanish.

We started off with the most general math terms in Spanish, and worked our way through more specific ones for geometry and algebra. Between all of these Spanish math vocab lists, you should have all the terms you need to discuss las matemáticas!

Finally, we’ll leave you with links to a couple of related posts. Besides the post on counting in Spanish we mentioned earlier, our post on units of measurement in Spanish also has clear links to Spanish math terms. And if you’re heading back to school then you’ll be interested in our post on school supplies in Spanish!


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