The Weather In Spanish: Vocab, Verbs and Phrases To Know

Man pondering the weather in Spanish

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It’s only a matter of time before you will need to know how to speak about the weather in Spanish, be it for making small talk conversation in an elevator, or asking about the weather in a Spanish speaking country that you’re traveling in.

In this post, we’ll cover the most important weather-related vocabulary, verbs and phrases that you should know.

General Weather-Related Vocabulary

English Spanish
Weather El clima, el tiempo
Rain La lluvia
Downpour El chaparrón, el aguacero
Drizzle La llovizna
Wind El viento
Sun El sol
Breeze La brisa
Clouds Las nubes
Storm La tormenta, un temporal
Snow La nieve
Fog La niebla
Mist La neblina
Lighting El relámpago
Hail El granizo
Temperature La temperatura
Rainbow El arcoíris
Frost La helada
Degrees Los grados
Flood La inundación
Humidity La humedad
Hurricane El huracán
Twister El tornado
Sea mist La bruma, la niebla marina
Sunstroke La insolación
Thunder El trueno
Windstorm El vendaval

Talking About The Seasons

English Spanish
Seasons Estaciónes
Spring La primavera
Summer El verano
Autumn, Fall El otoño
Winter El Invierno

Weather-Related Spanish Verbs

The following verbs are known as impersonal verbs or defective verbs, since they can only conjugated in the third person singular (él, ella, usted).

English Spanish
To rain Llover
To thunder Tronar
To cloud Nublarse
To snow Nevar
To drizzle Lloviznar
To flash Relampaguear
To stop raining Escampar
To clear Aclarar
To clear up Despejar
To warm Calentar
To freeze Helar
To frost Escarchar
To blow Soplar
To cool, to chill Enfriar
To snow slightly Neviscar
To pour Diluviar

Before moving on to learning some weather-related phrases, why don’t you take a couple of minutes to practice the Spanish weather vocabulary we’ve covered so far. You’ll see a weather word in English and have a few moments to remember it in Spanish before we reveal the Spanish weather word. Best of luck!

Verbs That Help Us Describe The Weather in Spanish

You should already be familiar with the following three verbs, but in this context, we’ll explore how they are used to describe the weather in Spanish.

  • estar (to be)
  • hacer (to do or make)
  • haber (there is).

So, how do you know when each verb is used in Spanish?

The rule of thumb is:

  • Hace (from hacer) is usually used to describe the general “sensation” of the weather: e.g. it’s warm, or cold, or windy.
  • Hay and está (from haber & estar) are generally more specific: e.g. it’s humid, or it’s sunny.

Let’s see some examples of these verbs in action.

Verb Expression English Equivalent
Estar (to be) Está soleado It is sunny
Está nublado It is cloudy
Está húmedo It is humid
Está despejado It is clear
Está lluvioso It is rainy
Está oscuro It is dark
Está tormentoso It is stormy
Está ventoso It is windy
Está nevando It is snowing
Está lloviendo It is raining
Hacer (to do/make) Hace (mucho) calor It is (very) hot
Hace (mucho) frío It is (very) cold
Hace sol It is sunny
Hace viento It is windy
Hace fresco It is cool/chilly
Hace (muy) buen tiempo The weather is (very) good
Hace (muy) mal tiempo The weather is (very) bad
Haber (there is) Hay tormenta It is stormy
Hay lluvia There is rain
Hay sol It is sunny
Hay nieve There is snow
Hay viento It is windy
Hay niebla It is foggy
Hay relámpagos it is lighting
Hay humedad It is humid
Hay nubes It is cloudy
Hay neblina It is misty
Hay lluvias torrenciales It is pouring
Hay granizo It is hailing
Hay fresco It is cool
Hay calor It is warm
Hay frío It is cold

Common Questions About The Weather In Spanish

English Spanish
– What’s the weather like?

– What’s the weather like today?

– How is the weather?

– How is the weather today?

– ¿Qué tiempo/clima hace?

– ¿Qué tiempo/clima hace hoy?

– ¿Cómo está el tiempo/clima?

– ¿Cómo está el clima hoy?

What’s the weather like in…? ¿Cómo está el clima en…?
is it warm/cold/cool outside? ¿Hace calor/frío/fresco afuera?
is there snow? ¿Hay nieve?
is it raining? ¿Está lloviendo?
What’s the forecast like for tomorrow? ¿Cuál es el pronóstico para mañana?

Common Phrases About The Weather In Spanish

English Spanish
I’m dying of heat/cold! ¡Me muero de calor/frío!
I’m freezing! ¡Me estoy congelando!
There is not a cloud in the sky No hay ni una nube
It seem it will be a scorcher Parece que será un día muy caluroso
It is raining cats and dogs! – ¡Llueve a cantaros! (general expression)

– ¡Está cayendo un palo de agua! (Venezuela and some other countries)


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