Traveled to Colombia without Speaking Spanish #BaseLangStories

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Welcome to the latest post in our BaseLang Stories series where we put the spotlight on BaseLang students – asking them what impact learning Spanish has had on their lives, their motivations for learning a foreign language and advice they have for anyone who wants to repeat their successes.

If you missed the first two posts, then you can read about Jacob traveling Latin America here, or Michaela dating a native Spanish speaker here

For part 3 of the series, meet Canadian Peter, who found himself in Colombia without speaking Spanish – and that’s where BaseLang came in.

***Peter sent us his story in Spanish, which we’ve included along with the English translation!***


Why did you start learning Spanish?
Because I noticed how stifled my interactions with Spanish speakers were after I spent my first month in Colombia. I wanted to be able to express myself to any Spanish speaker, anytime, anywhere. I believe that the closer to fluency you are in Spanish, the richer, more unique, and authentic experiences you can have in Spanish speaking countries.

 How long were you using BaseLang for?

Español: He sido parte de baselang desde al principio de marzo. Empese mi tiempo con baselang mientras tanto estaba viajando alredeor Colombia. BASELANG ha sido indispensable para mi aprendizaje de español – en 4 meses y media, mi vocabulario, mis conjugaciones, mi fluidez, y las estructuras de mis oraciones han mejorado mil veces. La flexibilidad que clases privadas me dan me sirvió mucho – pude tener respuestas a mis preguntas que tenía desde mis interaciones diario.

English: I’ve been a part of Baselang since the beginning of March. I started my time with Baselang while I was traveling around Colombia. BASELANG has been indispensable for my Spanish learning – in 4 months and a half, my vocabulary, my conjugations, my fluency, and the structures of my sentences, have improved a thousand times. The flexibility that private classes give me helped me a lot – I was able to have answers to my questions that I had from my daily interactions.

Learn Spanish to Travel

How has speaking Spanish improved your life?

Español: Como yo dijo en mi otra respuesta, hablar español es indespensable si tu quieres pasar tiempo en cualquier país en central o latino América. Generalmente, He podido conseguir mejor negocios, desde comida hasta alquiler, que las personas que no pueden hablar español. Tus relaciones con tus amistades y amigos son más fuertes – puedes escuchar, entender, y probar experiencias totalmente diferente cuando hablas español.

English: As I said in my other answer, speaking Spanish is indispensable if you want to spend time in any country in Central or Latin America. Generally, I’ve been able to get better deals, from food to rental, than people who can’t speak Spanish. Your relationships with your friends are stronger – you can listen, understand, and try totally different experiences when you speak Spanish. 

What do you wish you had known before you started to learn Spanish?

Español: Que debería empezarlo ayer! Me encanta este idioma y las oportunidades que me ha dado. Aún en serio, como cualquier habilidad, es una question de practica. Era afortunado que tenía la oportunidad a practicarlo diario en Colombia. Debes integrarlo a parte de tu vida, y estoy intentando a hacerlo ahora.

English: That I should have started it yesterday! I love this language and the opportunities it has given me. Still seriously, like any skill, it’s a question of practice. I was lucky that I had the opportunity to practice it daily in Colombia. You must integrate it as part of your life, and I’m trying to do it now.

Favorite BaseLang teacher and why?

Español: Sin duda, es Mayerlin Jauregui ! A veces tengo preguntas muy technicales sobre las reglas grammaticas, estructuras de oraciones, o dichos informales, y ella sabe las respuestas por casi todo mis preguntas. Muy impresionante. También, esta viejita es sabia – ella es experimentado con la vida, y me da bueno consejo para mejorar mi tiempo en Colombia. Tenemos un muy buena química y las clases siempre son muy divertidos!

English: Without a doubt, it’s Mayerlin Jauregui! Sometimes I have very technical questions about grammar rules, sentence structures, or informal sayings, and she knows the answers to almost all my questions. Very impressive. Also, this old lady is wise – she is experienced with life, and gives me good advice to improve my time in Colombia. We have a very good chemistry and the classes are always very fun!

Advice for other BaseLang Students

Español: Sigue sigue sigue tu práctica! Hace que practicando español es una cosa divertida – incorporarselas, sumergirselas en la música, historias, literatura en español. Visita un país latino y hace nuevos amigos. Hablo con ellos! Toma 66 días para formar un nuevo hábito – intenta a hacer algo diario para mejorar tu español. También, tienes que tener una strategia – para mi, me gusta revisar las letras de canciones en español y los diálogos de serias. Con eso, puedo ver donde están mis debilidades para mejorar con los profes de baselang. No olvides que TU ESTAS EN LA SILLA DE CONDUCTOR – personaliza su tiempo como tú necesitas y como tú aprendes. Y más que todo, disfrútelo !

English: Keep keep keep practicing! It makes practicing Spanish a fun thing – incorporate it, immerse it in music, stories, literature in Spanish. Visit a Latin country and make new friends. Talk to them! It takes 66 days to form a new habit – try to do something daily to improve your Spanish. Also, you have to have a strategy – for me, I like to review lyrics in Spanish and TV series dialogues. With that, I can see where my weaknesses are to improve with Baselang teachers. Don’t forget that YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER’S CHAIR – customize your time as you need and how you learn. And most of all, enjoy it!
 Watch Peter’s video story here


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