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If you’ve learned any Spanish before, you probably focused on learning the “stuff” of the language - grammar, vocab, perhaps pronunciation.

Which makes sense. That’s obviously the first step.

But what good is all of that intellectual knowledge if you can’t effortlessly use it in real conversations with Spanish speakers?

Sure, you know the stuff. But if every time you go to form a new sentence, you are searching your brain for the right sentence structure, the right conjugation, that word you can never remember...

...then you have a problem.

Your Goal is to Have Natural Conversations
With Real People... Right?

Then you not only need to learn the grammar and vocab, but become confident using it.

And the only way to become confident having conversations in Spanish is to have lots of conversations in Spanish.

So if you’ve done the entire Duolingo curriculum...
Listened to the Pimsleur tapes...
Taken academic classes...
Memorized hundreds of words of vocabulary...

...but still can’t actually speak Spanish, that’s NORMAL.

It’s not that you aren’t good at languages. It’s that you’ve been skipping half of the entire process - speaking!

There Are TWO PARTS to Becoming
Conversationally Fluent in Spanish

Part one is learning the “stuff” of the language (the vocab, the grammar, the pronunciation, etc).

Part two is becoming confident using that stuff by having lots of conversations.


  • Apps like Memrise, Duolingo, and Rosetta Stone
  • Tapes like Pimsleur and Michel Thomas
  • Formal classes like given in high school, college, and language schools
  • BaseLang, where the curriculum has been hacked to reduce how much you have to learn


  • Language exchanges, which are ineffective and often leave beginners more confused
  • Hourly tutoring, which costs upwards of $15 an hour online and $50 in person
  • BaseLang, where you pay $179 a month and get as much one-on-one conversation time as you want

No Matter How Much Time You Spend on Part One,
If You Don’t Have Lots of Conversations,
You’ll Never Become Conversationally Fluent.

That’s where we come in.

At BaseLang, you get unlimited one-on-one Spanish tutoring with professional teachers, over Zoom video chat, for just $179 a month.

We focus on getting you from zero to conversationally fluent, so you can:

  • travel or live in Spain or Latin America without living in Google Translate
  • join the Spanish conversations your latino coworkers, friends, or family members are having
  • date Spanish-speakers without embarrassing yourself
  • stop getting passed over for jobs or promotions for less-qualified people who are bilingual

“I wanted to say thank you because I've been doing baselang and it has helped me break through into being able to carry conversations in Spanish”


London, UK

“I just started using this and I'm gobsmacked. The one on one is phenomenal and your teachers are very patient, fun and you can tell they really enjoy teaching. I actually come off the calls thinking ‘I might actually get the hang of this’.”


Arroyo De La Miel, Spain

“So I've been going hard for the past 5 days and my progress has been AMAZING!”


Sacramento, United States


Watch the video for the details, including how we hire our teachers and a platform walkthrough, or just read the bullets below for an overview.


Classes are available from 6am to midnight Eastern US time. We maintain high availability.


Classes happen one-on-one over video chat, so you can take them on almost any device, anywhere in the world.


You can book classes at the very last minute (literally). Or, book five days in advance to plan ahead.


You can actually take as many classes as you want. There are no limits, ever. Some people take 5+ hours a day!


Your first week is $1. After that, you’ll be charged $179 each month unless you cancel. Pay with card or PayPal.


From complete beginner to advanced speaker, we adapt specifically to your exact needs.


Want to use our teachers for conversation practice only, or use your own curriculum? No problem.


You’ll have access to over a hundred teachers, so you’re guaranteed to “click” with someone.


We give you everything you need, including flashcards that align with our lessons and review materials.


“I love being able to schedule tutoring sessions without the guilt of 'there goes another $$$'. I just pay my monthly fee and learn as it works for my schedule. Brilliant.

Secondly, thank you for hiring such extraordinary tutors. They are smart, fun, and so encouraging. I was desperately looking for these qualities in a tutor for several months, and I’m so grateful to have found those qualities in your tutors.

Thirdly, you have great lessons! I’ll admit this was the part I was most apprehensive about. I prefer learning Spanish grammatically, but I need to be forced to actually speak it... I didn’t really think your lessons would address my questions—but they do! Your tutors give me more than the typical 'That’s just how it is said in Spanish', which is so exciting. I love learning about the nuts and bolts of the language, and I’m so thankful that Baselang provides that while also pushing me to speak Spanish. Thank you."


Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

“I thought I should send a message through to say thank you. I've had a pretty horrible time with languages, I studied Spanish for 5 years at school, French for 3, got dropped from a Farsi class because I couldn't keep up, lived in Sweden for two years and failed to pick up more than a few words. Confidence in my ability to learn was effectively null. So last December I decided I'd learn Spanish on the basis it was the one I surely had the greatest chance with. Mostly just to prove to myself that I am actually capable of learning a language at all.

Last week I met an Argentinian. We spoke for two hours straight. In flowing Spanish.

That is completely down to BaseLang and Sergio, one of the best teachers I've ever had in my 20 years of education. My progress was unbelievable and I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to him and to your team. I've been recommending you in person, on reddit, to everyone from the Add1Challenge, pretty much anywhere I can, but thought I should tell you directly.”

Chioma David

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our Negative-Risk Guarantee

If at any point in the first 35 days you don’t absolutely love BaseLang, we’ll not only give you a full refund, but we’ll send you $20 for wasting your time.

How Long Will It Take Me...?

We get a lot of questions about how long it will take to get to a certain level with BaseLang. Here’s our best approximation:

  • Conversational

    We define conversational as being able to effectively have complete conversations in social settings, when talking about typical topics and your interests. It’s not always easy, but most things you don’t have too much difficulty with. While advanced students will also benefit from BaseLang, beginners who want to become conversational will see the fastest progress, by far. We estimate roughly 120 hours for someone with no experience to get to this level using our methods.*

  • Highly Fluent

    We define fluency as being able to effectively have complete conversations with similar comfort and ease as one’s native language in social settings, when talking about a wider range of typical topics and your interests. Different students will need a higher or lower level depending on their interests and what they have conversations about, and thus this is a blurry, approximate level. We estimate roughly 350 hours for someone with no experience to get to this level using our methods.*

What’s your current level?

How much time will you spend per day?

3.5 months*

Cost Breakdown

  • baselang
  • Online tutor $15/hour
    $450 $321 savings /mo
  • In-person tutor $50/hour
    $1,500 $1,371 savings /mo
  • baselang
  • Online tutor $15/hour
    $1,575 $1,059 total savings
  • In-person tutor $50/hour
    $5,250 $4,734 total savings

*This is an estimation based on our experience teaching Spanish and not a guarantee (read our guarantee here). Results may vary for many reasons. While we believe our methods to be the most efficient and cost effective available, BaseLang is a tool and results depend directly on the effort and time spent by the student.