How do the BaseLang flashcards work?

Each flashcard deck corresponds to a specific level of the Real World curriculum. This means that you can download decks for every level of the curriculum, from 1 to 9, and for any of the electives and additional resources.

To get access to the flashcards, you’ll need to create a free Brainscape account. You can also download the free Brainscape app on iOS or Android. When you log into Brainscape for the first time, it comes preloaded with three generic flashcard courses. If you’re not interested in them, we recommend just removing these flashcards by clicking the x option under “My Classes.”

There are two ways to load BaseLang’s Spanish flashcards into your Brainscape account:

  1. For BaseLang students, start at the Lessons section of your student profile. Choose any lesson, and under Additional content, click the Flashcards link to open the flashcard deck for that level.Image1
  2. Go to this page where we’ve indexed BaseLang’s entire collection of free online flashcards. Clicking any of the links will bring you to Brainscape, where you click “Start Studying” to add a flashcard deck to your account.

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