What is the difference between Real World and DELE?

Both curriculums are very different.

Real World is 100% focused on improving your speaking skills, and helping you become conversationally fluent. It uses an optimized form of the standard model – learn a concept, see examples, and then practice it. Through unlimited classes, you get the volume of conversation practice necessary for things to stick.

DELE focuses on all 4 areas of language learning: speaking, reading, listening and writing. This program is suitable for students who already completed the Real World program, and those already at an intermediate to advanced level. With DELE, you can choose two paths:

  • Test Prep: If you intend to take a DELE exam, then these lessons will help you prepare for that scenario with lessons structured exactly the same as you’d expect in an exam setting, and also mimicking the conditions for that exam (i.e. time limits). 
  • Skills Improvement: Similar to the above, but for students who don’t intend to take the actual exam. You’ll still learn the language in a structured way, but without the arbitrary exam conditions.

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