I completed the electives and core lessons for my level, but the progress score is not updating.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to transfer over data for students who had marked their electives as complete in the previous platform. 

That means, even if you complete the required number of electives for your current level (e.g. 10 electives for level 7), your progress score won’t update because the system has not counted any electives you had marked as complete on previous levels. 

Therefore, in order to update your progress score you can either: 

#1 –  go back and mark all your electives as complete (you can ask your teacher for help if you don’t remember, we’ve kept that info in our internal progress sheets).

#2 – ignore the score and once you reach the required number of electives for your current level, let your teacher know so that you can take the exam for that level. Once you pass, your teacher can bypass the system to upgrade your score to the next level.

Please note that this is a temporary issue and it will be fixed in a future release.

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